How To Combat Loneliness

Loneliness is just one of those things that you have to occasionally worry about. Like getting your period while you’re wearing white pants or getting lost in your new school and would have to ask directions from a stranger.
It’s not a scheduled event like your monthly bills or a work deadline. It just creeps on you when you are most vulnerable.  And that’s okay. Being lonely means being human and being human is a side effect to being a human.
As a professional human, I too experience loneliness in my life. Sure I have a beating heart of a robot, but there are times (and YouTube videos) that would remind me that I have feelings. In my experience with loneliness, here are some of the ways I combat with it.

Repress – loneliness has a funny way of disturbing your day unexpectedly. You can be at work, typing away the hours until you’re at home in your pajamas, and then bam! So just bury yourself in your work. Fight the urge to cry by stapling things. 

Release – nothing beats loneliness than by giving in. Like any other feeling, loneliness has an end. Not permanently of course, but you get the idea.
Settle in. Wear a hoodie and bury yourself in blankets and watch The Notebook or The Return of the King to make you cry. Watch montages of American Idol contestants that get booted off. Or for a quickie, watch Lupita Nyongo’s Oscar speech.

Treat Yo’self – when I’m feeling blue I take myself to a restaurant I’ve always wanted to go to but is too expensive for my daily budget and order the most delicious thing I can afford. Buy yourself a new book, a new PS3 game where you can shoot make believe people, buy yourself that jacket you’ve been eyeing for ages. Get yourself anything that excites you and regret the purchase later.

Maniacally Laugh – we all know that Reality TV is a written parody of someone else’s real life. So if you’re feeling bummed about your life relish in the fact that other people,  or “celebrities” have way worse problems than you do. Sure they have million dollar worth estates, but they have a sex tape for everyone to criticize. And if you think getting a sex tape leaked is worth all that money, just remember,  not everyone can be a Kardashian.

Live Someone Else’s Life – if your life is getting you down, watch YouTuber’s vlogs and live vicariously through theirs. Not everyone can be vegan and live in California and have a million following, so indulge. It’s free!

Take A Day Off – don’t go to work. Being sad totally counts as a sick day. Or better yet take a week off to wallow in your misery. No one is forgiving of people who mess up at work because they’re “lonely”.

Talk – call a friend. Call a relative. If you don’t have anyone in mind that you can call right away, talk to yourself. Talk to your pet. Allow yourself to be “crazy” and talk to a bowl of ice cream. Things come into perspective when spoken out loud.

Internet – the internet is like the perfect distraction. I can’t tell you the number of times Tumblr has rescued me from an embarrassing meltdown. Cat gifs cure everything. Almost.

Be Busy – oftentimes, the reason why we’re lonely is because we have time to be lonely. So get busy! Do over time. Commit yourself to a project. Babysit a friend’s baby/pet. Research on volcanoes. Google map your area and pretend that your life and everyone else’s depends on it.

Eat/Drink Your Feelings – when I used to get homesick, I would order a family size pizza and a box of brownies and eat it while I read my mom’s emails. Good times.
I don’t participate in bitter alcohol drinking but hey! Whatever works for you man.

Binge Watch – for every occasion really.

Blog – if all else fails, blog. Being lonely should be shared. The internet is a space for dumping such things. 

That’s a list of my ways of dealing with loneliness. If and if this list does not work for you, talk to me! Let’s be miserable together or make each other happy. Let’s be humans together WordPress.

What are your ways of dealing with loneliness? Let me know in the comments.


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