Ear Ache

Here I am complaining about life again. I don’t mean to keep doing this to you WordPress, but let’s be real, my loneliness is what keeps you alive! If I am having an affair with a hunky male starlet in a beach in Monaco, you would be so replaced by an active Instagram like you would not believe. So for now, feed into my misery and hope to the gods that the rest of the world is having a good day.
Now that I have justified the rest of this rant, let me give you a painful play by play of my day so far.
– I was late for work because of a triathlon event happening in my area. This particular triathlon event was organized by the Prince (one of the) so it was necessary to block all the exits to impress his highness.
– I had to deal with 2 patients that are just so… polite actually. But the stress of having to talk to another human being,  especially when it concerns money just takes a toll on me.
– I am slowly realizing, more so because of this post, that I sound like an ungrateful surly brat.
– I am still single and Steve Yeun is still not my boyfriend.
– I am so lonely.

Hope you’re having a good time WordPress.


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