Mall Trolling Part Deux

Guess what WordPress. We are on our way to another mall. This island offers sand, chapped lips and malls.
We are not even there yet and I’m already ticked off.
You know what.  Let’s not talk about this. More updates later.



    1. Yes! I live on an island where there are just a bunch of buildings and malls. The structures over here are architecture boner worthy. And it’s clean too! And there are beaches almost everywhere. We live near the ocean too so it’s super cold in my area.

      I mostly live on islands (Philippines and Bahrain)

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      1. My very first guess was Guam, because I knew you had moved away from the Philippines. Then at some point you said you lived in the mid east desert… So I don’t know, Saudi Arabia? My geography is awful.


      2. I live in Bahrain right now, which is also in the Middle East but a separate kingdom from Saudi Arabia. But they are our neighbor. Like one bridge away!

        Born in the Philippines. Grew up in Bahrain. Would love to travel the rest of the world.

        Not to brag Marg, but I can name all the 50 states of USA. Haha! I had to memorize it for some work I did a few years ago. 🙂

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      3. Are you kidding me?! I can name 5 US states. It’s shameful. So so shameful. But I can identify flags! That must be a desired skill somewhere. “No sir, that is the Lebanese pirate flag… And it looks like they are also flying the invade and concur signal flag.” Right?

        Well, you are the first Bahrainian that I know! I think you get a crown or something for that honor,


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