Insta Love

Sometimes I feel like I come off as an abrasive person incapable of love. But I am WordPress, I am.
Just this morning I felt an instant connection with this one doctor (female*). She was lugging around a novel. I craned my neck to see what book it was. It was a hardcover and it was black with bright pink writing. A good sign.
I was brave enough to ask her, “what’s that book you’re reading” and saw the relief in her eyes when I did. Turns out she was waiting for ME to talk to HER so she can do a book swap kind of thing.  I offered her my latest read (Diviners by Libba Bray) and told her she could borrow it once I’m done.
One thing lead to another and she’s inviting me to check this unheard of Barnes and Noble (I honestly did not know there was a Barnes and Noble in this island!) Of course I said yes.**
What I’m getting at is I love people who love books! Not love like come here for a hug love. More of, I’ll save your life in an apocalypse love. Which we can all agree is so much better.

*I know!
**Don’t worry. I’m still on book buying ban



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