The Walking Dead – Coda a.k.a The Worst TWD Post I Made This Season…But It Was Worth It


Since it’s the last episode until February *sad face*, I thought I’d do things differently by live blogging the mid-season finale. Live blogging while I’m watching it. Just thought it would be fun and also it would make me relish this episode more. You mean, you don’t pause then scream then un-pause while watching TWD? Oh? Just me?!

So I have my green tea with me – yes Cee, I’m drinking green tea now – and my finger on the play button. Season 5 Episode 8! Let’s do this!


Yas Rick yasss! Is it weird now that I cheer Rick on everytime he makes a kill. I know it’s bad. And everything thinks he’s gone lose with his rifle, but c’mon, he did tell bald Bob to stop. He’s going to ruin the plan!

Bald Bob totally knew what was coming! #heknewhedead! If he wanted to live he could have turned a corner! Trust the Walking Dead to weed out the weakest in the apocalypse.


Father Gabriel realized the ugly truth that even Bible carrying survivors of the apocalypse crave human meat. Or at least desperate enough to actually eat one. But at least Bob is on the finale!

And can we talk about the dramatics of that scene?? The leg was right there and you mean to tell me he noticed the backpack first?? Is Gabriel intentionally stupid? Because I am ready to see him go.


Ok. Maybe he didn’t notice that it was actually a leg. Fine!


Oh bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!! Walkers smashed through the glass doors! Get ready to run Gabriel!!


There is that sign in that tree again! Remember that sign before Bob got kidnapped by Gareth?


The idiot lead the herd in the church! Can someone just kill this guy please?!


Finally!! Some katana action! I missed this! #Michonneontheloosewithababyonherback


Woah! That is one well placed machete!


I always wonder why they don’t chop the hands off of the Walkers who are stuck inside places. They could totally maim those Walkers.


Hold up! So Dawn’s mentor/friend Officer Hanson (FRIENDS reference) died because he got overthrown? No wonder Dawn is so uptight. You don’t make friends in the apocalypse.


I bet Beth can smell the bullshit from Dawn though. Who here thinks that Dawn killed Hanson to get her way in the hospital?


He had to see and had to know what?? That the world is zombie filled? Ugh! Get a grip Gabriel! You should totally die for leading those Walkers in the only safe haven for miles. Poor Judith! She had to be out in the sun because some idiot can’t handle his Walkers.


OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!! They are back!!!! I love Glenn all over again! Reunited and it feel so good. I mean, partially reunited and it feel so semi-good.


Michonne, the bearer of the good news! It’s so good to see her smiling. And yes, tingles all over when Maggie starts crying over her sister. I know I’ve given Maggie grief because of her lack of empathy towards Beth, but I totally forgive her now. And I get it, you only live through the present in the apocalypse. Am I hungry now? Look for food. I found my husband! Rejoice in that moment and then go back to fight mode. Ugh! So exhausting.


I’m all for everyone getting back together but I don’t know if them going after Rick and the others is a wise idea. They have with them a baby and an idiot (Gabriel). And Rick has a plan! What did I tell you about only living in the present?!


Knew it! Dawn totally killed that Hanson dude. I’m expecting flashbacks people!


Wait wait wait! Why is Dawn turned softy over Beth?? Because she wants to save someone’s (Carol) life? I’m confused. Can someone shed some light on Dawn’s bullshit please?

Predicting that that other cop will fall down the elevator shaft.


Dawn can kick major ass! I am screaming here!


Prediction came true.


Sonequa Martin-Green is class a gorgeous. Just saying.


That was just classy!

Police Dude: “Where are your people?”

Sasha snipes a Walker near the scene.

Rick MF Grimes: “They’re close.”

Just. Gah!


They’re in! Something is about to go wrong. I just know it!


Carol is coherent. She’s okay. Whew!


Sasha totally Beth right??!! It was Sasha right??! I re-watched that scene like 5 times and the shot came from Rick’s side. Maggie is going to be ssoooo pissed!

EDIT: I rewatched the episode, again, and now saw that Dawn was holding a gun. It was just the initial denial. Who knew I’d miss Beth this much?


Just give me a minute to gather myself.

How brutal was that ending though? I know I’m not the biggest Beth fan but I hate to see Maggie so tortured like that. Eight episodes! Eight episodes revolved around Beth’s whereabouts and now she’s dead?? That was brutal. So brutal.

So that’s it. TWD signs off with another death. God damn it Beth! Why’d you have to do that?!


Bye Beth. I miss you already.



  1. At least it wasn’t Carol! That’s all I have to say. But it was a bit of a disappointment to build up this huge sinister cop kidnappers situation to be tied up so quickly. And, in the end, Dawn sucked but she wasn’t exactly sinister. And their was no monkey, so that was also disappointing.

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    1. I totally forgot to look out for the monkey. The aftershow was so sad! I can’t believe Beth’s death affected me like this. I think it was more because it was a finale death, so you get to simmer and stew in your emotions. Because when Lori died we had to deal with the Governor. And when Herschel died we had to be so rushed because everything was chaos and everyone was scattered.

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      1. I think, too, they really invested us in her character development. They spent a lot of time building Beth up, and then she’s dead. And that bit with giving Maggie hope? Just to steal it from her? That was brutal, so brutal.


  2. “I’m all for everyone getting back together but I don’t know if them going after Rick and the others is a wise idea. They have with them a baby and an idiot (Gabriel).”

    I laughed out loud, really did. Dangit Gabriel, get your shit together!

    About the whole Beth dying scene, what did Beth mean by knowing exactly how Dawn is? Did she mean that she’s finally figured out Dawn’s act? That Dawn moved everything, including Beth, like a pawn in order to get what she wanted? It’s so confusing because it seemed like Beth figured out that Dawn schemed to get Noah back…yet when she shot Beth, the look on her face was pure remorse. I seriously think it was a knee-jerk reaction, because if it wasn’t, she would have gunned down another person in Rick’s group already while they were still reeling in from the shock. I think I need to rewatch the episode…I still haven’t fully gathered my thoughts.

    ALSO, Beth has been killing walkers left and right, and for what it’s worth, she’s become a pretty good shot. So why did she stab Dawn in the shoulder and not the head or neck? Did she not want Dawn dead? Could have fool me with the way she stabbed her…


    1. I think what she means by that is she gets why she is the way she is. Shes worried of her self preservation and is too scared to be overthrown.

      I think Beth was too overcome with emotion that she missed Dawn eye or something. Haha.

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