Quick Post – Procrastinating

This blog post is coming straight to you from a bathroom stall! I’ve been staring at excel sheets for the last 4 hours,  so I drank half a litre of water to make myself have to pee, to justify my hanging out in the bathroom. Which is where I go to kill time and avoid the office drama.
To make this post a lot more interesting, and worth more of your/my time, I’m going to let you in on some facts about me in the right now.

Thing I’m really loving right now: This scarf I’m wearing.

It’s new so it still has that new odor smell that I’m mildly allergic to, but it’s cute and grown up looking.

Thing I’m really hating right now: Freaking excel sheets!! And this pain in my neck because of excel sheets!! And this new blazer I got which has fake pockets!!
And apparently the WordPress app.

Food I’m really craving: Anything Mexican and/or Japanese. I need me some maki rolls!

Number of times I peed: Two (?)

Number of times I cursed: Zero (for now)!! Yey me!

Person I want to be with right now: My best friend Dzoi and/or Nikki. They’re both my best friends but they don’t know each other.  It’s complicated.

Place I want to go to right now: Manila. Although it would be raining there right now.  Screw it! I still want to go to Manila right now. I miss the traffic. I miss the pollution. I miss the people trying to get me to buy pirated things!

Last thing I listened to: Hannibal Buress – Animal Furnace stand up

That’s it for now. If you’re procrastinating,  I encourage you to do so (for just a few minutes) and do this same activity. Let me know in the comments!



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