Quick Post – Make Up 101

I’m not really good at taking care of myself. That’s just the brutal honest truth.  I have no regard to what I ingest in my body, I don’t exercise, I don’t sleep enough, the list goes on. But Silver Linings Playbook, I am sober for 2 years! That’s not something I normally celebrate. But yeah, that should counter balance the list right?!

One other thing I’m really bad at is make-up. I am just the worst at it. And it was fine, since I don’t really use make-up. But I’m an adult lady now. Dark under eye circles are as real as large pores, bushy eyebrows and other issues adult ladies have to deal with. Plus, make-up looks fun! Please see a make-up tutorial in YouTube to know what I’m talking about.

So I’m asking for your help adult ladies (and knowledgeable men) of WordPress! What should be my must have in my make-up starer kit? What brands I should go for? I have Asian skin that you may call olive, what foundation should I use?
Let’s girl talk in the comments!



  1. hi! I don’t know which brands are available to you, but I think good starting brands are Essence and Catrice, as they don’t cost an arm and a leg and often have good stuff. If you have a MAC counter around, ask them to help with color matching and also with how to use things.
    If you’ve never worn foundation I think a BB Cream might be a good start. The brand doesn’t matter as much as the color. Never buy untried.
    Under eye concealer pens are your friend.
    Bushy eyebrows are totally on trend. 😀


  2. Shu Uemera is known for their Asian skin friendly face powders and foundations. I’d say the most important basics- face powder, blush, mascara. Drug store makeup is okay for eye shadows, mascaras and lip stuffs, but always go nice quality face powder to keep your skin clear. I like Bare Essentials. OPINIONS! You asked for them and I give them.

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      1. I like the Maybelline mascaras. If you’re not breaking out from it then keep using it. I break out from a variety of brands so it took a while to find the best stuff for my skin. Bare Essentials is mineral based so it doesn’t clog my pores. I know how you care about my pores. So that is the full scoop about my pores.


      2. I do care about your pores! Are you kidding me? You pores are in my priority list. And I say that will all the love.

        Luckily, I don’t break out easily so I can experiment with make up without the fear. But there is this one product that broke me out, it was Bourjeous I think was the name. I really want to try the Tarte brand but we dont have it here. We mostly have UK based brands here.

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  3. So you opened up a whole can of worms with this post. And by worms, I mean me. I’ve been thinking about this post long and hard and I finally wrote this ridiculously long thing about building a starter makeup kit on my blog …please proceed with caution.

    But just a quick blurb on pores: if you are willing to try slather your face with stuff (foundation, BB cream, CC cream, etc.), then you can make your pores pretty much disappear by using an anti-pore primer underneath. Well, until you take off your makeup, that is. I do this to deal with my crater sized pores and yes, it works. If that isn’t your thing, then stick to skincare products that target pores, you know, toners and creams and stuff.


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