The Walking Dead – Crossed


Never. Trust. Anyone. In. The. Apocalypse!!! Everyone should have this tramp stamped in their person!!!

Interesting episode, more so because everyone is in it. Team G.R.E.A.T.M (Glenn, Rosita, Eugene, Abraham, Tara, Maggie) is still stuck in the same day. Abraham is still sulking because of Eugene’s lie but I’m not complaining because it means more screen time for Rosita. I knew it, Rosita is tough man. Rosita looks like the type of person who will slap/punch you if you say “hey beautiful” to her in the street. I actually thought that she’s an army person herself but it seems like she just sucked the survival skills of each person she meets during the apocalypse.


Rosita before the apocalypse. She used to attend a high school full of vampires and has a very low self esteem.


Back in Rick’s group. Everyone kind of dismantled the church and made it into this creepy looking booby trapped haunted house, which of course made Father Gabriel just go extra nuts. Rick set up this rescue team to go after Beth and Carol while Michonne babysits Carl and Judith.

Speaking of Beth and Carol, Beth took charge of Carol’s safety with, surprisingly, the blessing of Dawn. What is Dawn playing at here? Does she have six sense and knew that someone is out to rescue Carol and she’s trying to win Beth’s favor? But Beth, for a moment there, trusted Dawn because she trusted her. But we all know that this is not how the apocalypse works. Everyone needs something from someone.

Which is exactly why Rick wanted to lead the rescue. He says he owes Carol and Michonne points out, “We all owe Carol” talking about of course the rescue in episode 1. But Rick  is thinking more of how Carol kept Judith alive and that’s something he would have to keep paying back for. It takes me back to season 2, when Rick was taking on all this weight to look for Sophia, not only because he was the last guy to see her, but because he’s a dad and he also has a kid in this apocalypse.

Rick hatches a plan to take out the people in the hospital as quietly as possible. Get in get out, that simple. Tyreese wanted a more democratic way of dealing things, kidnap two of their people in exchange for theirs. Rick is not having it. He wants a sure fire way of getting Beth and Carol alive and that is by taking down the enemy. Maybe it was their (Daryl and Carol) moment in the last episode but Daryl is not taking Rick’s side on this one. He even stops Rick from offing one of the extra policeman saying, “better 3 than 2”, when he just obviously just wants Rick to stop killing people. But can we really blame Rick? The only people that he can trust now are his group. That is why he would leave his kids unprotected (well not completely because Michonne kicks ass and Carl is a Rick in the making) to rescue Beth and Carol.

Speaking of trust, Sasha just went all softy because one of the captures is also named Bob *rolls eyes*. Sasha was still bitter for losing the love of her apocalypse life. Tyreese tells her it’s okay to be mad at the world and she gets mad and axes a lot of church pews. Fun fact, Sonequa Martin-Green is already pregnant in this episode and she’s hoisting an ax like nobody’s business. I’m interested to see if they will try to incorporate her pregnancy into the season. A Bob souvenir perhaps? The price you pay for even letting your guard down for just a second, is getting rammed into a glass pane window rendering you unconscious while the kidnapped runs to sound the alarm. So much for plan A and B.

The most nastiest looking zombies hands down is in this episode. The melted in the street Walkers are the by product of the blasts that Lori and Shane saw in season 1. Remember while they were stuck in that traffic trying to get to Atlanta? Action packed episode. Daryl took a zombie head and rammed to another man’s head! This show just keeps in giving!


Tell me, how did you find this week’s episode? Was this a good build up for the mid-season finale? Who wants Father Gabriel to just be eaten by Walkers? Do you have any speculations if anyone from Rick’s group is going to die? I have, but I don’t want to say it out loud. I’m too scared! Let me know in the comments!

Only one more episode guys! What do we do during the break?!

I leave you with this gorgeous apocalypse prom picture.




  1. That moment where Darryl was blindly reaching for the zombie head, and that mouth snapped shut just at his fingertips! I jumped.

    I am so sick of Father Gabriel, he’s going to bring danger to the group.

    A question: how symbolic do you think this show will get? Is father Gabriel named Gabriel for a reason? Is he a messenger of some kind? Not in the god sense, but maybe thru his actions the crew will learn something about the world that they are in?

    Anyway, he’s got to die. Here’s my who will die guesses for this season: Dawn, Father Gabriel, Sasha? I’m also guessing Rosita. But I think they’ll kill someone pretty main, too, and I don’t know who.

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    1. Yeah! That scene with Daryl was bonkers. I was silently screaming.

      Father Gabriel cant even get himself out without hurting himself. Poor guy. I hope he dies quick.

      I don’t know if there is any significance to his character. From what I’ve heard he’s a pretty big deal in the comics. But I’m not too invested in him being a big deal. Maybe there’s this big reveal that he actually killed this so and so people.

      I’m sad to say but I think Carol will say bye in the mid season finale. I just feel that theyre going to take Carol away. I hate that I’m speculating this. But her build up is so good that it’s just a way to compensate for her going away.

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  2. Hihi. I totally loved this week’s episode. I feel so…satisfied, mainly because I’m just so proud of everyone, from Beth to Daryl, to even Sasha.

    What got me the most is the exchange between Dawn and Beth. And Dr. Edwards. It seems that Dawn (although the biggest wuss of life) is not so crazy after all and DOES want the right things to be done. However Dr. Edwards told Beth that Dawn cannot be trusted, that even though she gave Beth the key, it was only for Dawn’s own selfish purposes. I really wanted to know what he meant by that…any guesses?


    1. I think Dawn wants to get rid of Beth but does not want to be blamed for it. I think she’ll pretend that Beth stole the key from here and that will get her kicked out or killed. Maybe.


      1. I wouldn’t put that above Dawn. Or maybe she knows that people like Lampson are after her and wanted to win Beth over to her side – and then eventually Carol, too. I bet you anything that Dawn would claim she saved Carol’s life and that Carol owes her.


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