Quick Post – What I Have Been Lately

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
I’m still blogging from my phone. My parents decided to drag me around while they shop for clothes as they have a million parties to attend for the holidays. I, who have nothing, sits around, carries their bags and nod on cue when they say, “This looks good right?!” or “This looks Christmassy right?”
I am physically and mentally tired. I don’t mean to gripe (a word I pretend I know how to use) WordPress, but I am stuck (not really) in a job that I don’t like. I wish stressing about it can just suck the excess fat off my person but it seems like the stress is hoarding all the fats in very specific places in my body.
I wish this could have been a funner post but hey! I can smell shawarma in the air. If I can slap that delicious smell in this post, I would. Shawarmas are freaking awesome. Look it up.
Gah! A The Walking Dead episode is waiting for me at home! This post ended in a good note after all.
Stay cool humans!



    1. You just have to go through with the bad days too. It’s just one of those days in the office, nothing big. But I hope it all changes soon too! Cant wait for that to start happening.

      And Im glad that Im keeping you laughing. Your laughs keep this robot alive!


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