Quick Post – Killing In The Name Of

As a non-medical staff that works in a hospital, the hours can be so deathly boring and monotonous that you just have to create your own entertainment – and that’s your origin story WordPress blog – so when something completely random happens it almost equals to a ride on a unicorn in the clouds. Unicorns fly right? Or am I thinking Pegasus? Who cares! They don’t exist!

So today is just like any other day. Phone calls, paper work, Tumblr scrolling etc. Everyday work stuff. And I was heading to the loo when a patient in the waiting room was obviously (he was inching towards the edge of his seat as I walk towards him) trying to get my attention. So I stopped in front of him to ask him what’s up. But before I can say anything, he said, “Be careful”.

Of course, all of this happened at normal speed and the whole encounter happened in less than a minute. But when some stranger says, “Be careful” out of nowhere, you instantly have a Drag Me To Hell scenario cooking up in your head right? Oh, you haven’t watched that movie yet? Spoiler alert, an evil gypsy casts a curse on some bank employee. Good times.

But of course this is just the thoughts of a mad woman who clearly is not getting enough action in her life. After saying “Be careful” this patient pointed to the direction of the floor and there in front of me, as if waiting on cue, was a cockroach (RIP). RIP because I killed it.* If that is not going the extra mile, I don’t know what is. Although, I’m not entirely sure if he wanted me to kill it. But oh well.

So apart from best in Customer Service, I now have in my possession a solid answer to your routine job interview question of “How far would you go to deliver the best care possible?” 

“Well… (proceeds to lie back and relax because I got this) I would kill”

Of course the result may be the interviewer calling security but just to see someone’s reaction after hearing that would be so worth it. One time. Just one time.

So what have you been doing with your life lately? Any kills today?

*Is the PETA going to come after me now?



    1. It was so weird! The man was with his wife and maybe his wife was scared of the roach. So I just stepped on it and kicked the dead thing under one of the seats. Haha. And then I reflected on my actions later and thought maybe I shouldnt have done that. Because it was a hospital. And germs and stuff. Haha

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