Quick Post – A Rant: The Dangers of Book “Reviews”

I don’t usually write about controversies that swim the internet, only because I am not the most accurate source of such information. While other websites, or blogs, give you facts*, I can only give you a regurgitation of what I understand from the thing I just read. This is why it’s important to me to post the link of whatever it is that’s riling my feathers.

Now, I have posted some book reviews for a while. I love to read and I like talking about books. If my review of a book will somehow drive people to the next bookstore to purchase the book, that is just a bonus factor. My mission is to tell you what I feel about the book. Actually, scratch that, I don’t have a mission. At least not yet.

Book Reviewing is slowly transforming to be this monetizing hobby. I like books and I like talking about books and I’ll get paid for it? Sweet! So book reviewing is now part of a future plan. I mean we all want to get out of our day jobs right? I know it’s not just me! You’re probably reading this in your office computer right now. I can see you! No judgy eyes.

So what I’m getting at, is this post. People have been rating books on Goodreads without reading them. Which is just…

I don’t even know why I’m so affected like this. Maybe because I actually read the books I review (I actually prefer the term reaction versus review). And also as an aspiring author, I know I have haters who would potentially sink low as giving my book a one star or a bad review on some site just because they can, so I sympathize. I think this is why most authors have pseudonyms.


Grrrr. Sometimes I just hate the power of the internet.

*Even if they are questionable sometimes



  1. Wow, there’s so many issues that your link brings up.
    1. I totally agree with you, reviews that profess to have *not* read the book need to be axed straight away. But how do you determine, otherwise, if someone has or has not read the book?
    2. That Kathleen Hale piece/stalking episode they mention is INSANE. And this woman is so connected that she was PAID to write an article about her terrorizing a reviewer. She should have been arrested.
    3. People trying to punish Kathleen Hale and taking it out on the anthology that included her before her crazy came to light? That’s not fair, but how else can they “boycott” Kathleen Hale? There’s got to be a better way, right?


    1. Yeah. This is a problem that Goodreads has to assess. But I don’t think there will be any changes in their site any time soon. Because how can you filter those who have not read the book? Maybe require a written comment if they’re only giving a one star review? This is why most publishers or book sites do not use Goodreads reviews as reference.

      Yeah that Kathleen Hale was nutso.

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