Quick Post – A Little Bit Of Sad. Actually, A Whole Lot Of Sad.

Admitting that you are sad is worse than the actual feeling itself. At least for me. I’ve always had a hard time accepting that I am sad. I’m good with being alone, but sometimes you just end up thinking, “Am I depressed?”

I don’t think I am. I may be wrong. I don’t have anything to be sad. I mean I have issues with my grown up life, but none of them warrants this kind of attention.

But I am sad WordPress. The saddest part is, you’re the first one to know. I feel, since the start of this blog, you’re the only person(?) I can turn to. So maybe the saddest part is, you’re the only one to know.

I don’t like assessing my life. Being back in my parents house? Not having a social life? Constantly wishing I were somewhere else? Ugh! Who wants to dissect that?

I am not posting because I want you guys to feel sorry for me. Actually, one of the reasons I don’t want to admit to being sad is to avoid the “awwww” and the hugs and the teary eyed looks of sympathy. But right now, that is what I need and want. A hug.

Ugh. I hate myself for saying that. But there it is WordPress. I’m baring my soul to you.

I am so sad, I can’t even finish my croissant. Send help.



  1. I find most people fear the thought that they will seem as weak when opening about being sad, but they shouldn’t. Everyone gets sad, that’s one of the major things every human has in common, rarely do they express it. The thing about life is that it’s bound to change, you might be sad right now but that won’t be the case forever. Speaking from experience I noticed that instead of trying to alter the circumstances we wait and hope they will change on their own, they don’t.

    With that being sad, sometimes you need to be sad to move on, like a break up for example. The trick I figured out is if you do nothing, nothing will change.

    I hope you feel better soon, /hugs


    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment and the virtual hug. I am not good with emotions over all, which is great because I can type what I feel instead and I feel grateful that a kind human like you stopped by to leave such a nice comment.


  2. Dora. First off, I am sending the biggest hug across the internet to you I can. Second, I understand the desire to say nothing so you do not bother other people with your problems. Please take it from me that this is not a good thing to do. I did it, and I would prefer to spare you the feelings that come with it. Bottling things up is not a good thing to do. It becomes a snowball effect. I felt bad and didn’t say anything. Then I felt alone and that there was no-one to help me. Then I felt worse and still didn’t say anything because now I was really depressed and really didn’t want to bother anyone. I am not saying you feel this way, but I hope it illustrates my point. Seriously, if you ever need a chat, just email/facebook/wordpress me. I have literally spent a night self harming and begging on Facebook for someone to talk to before. Luckily, some kind people helped me. I never want you to feel like you don’t have someone to turn to.


  3. I’m sorry for you! You wretchedly sad little thing 🙂 I’m teasing but I truly feel you. You’re in a tough place. it’s strange how anonymous blogging allows you to be more open about what you are actually feeling. I think maybe blogging is just your diary, but your readers are more supportive. Does that make sense? Whereas friends from high school and acquaintances, everybody’s so busy telling you about all the great things in their lives, really curating it to Martha Stewart levels of perfection that it makes you feel worse. That’s the way it for me, at least.

    But you hang in there, Dora. Living at home can suck, but think of all the money you save. And maybe this awful job, once you’re long gone from it will have a few good stories to come out of it? I hope I’m not dismissing the legitimacy of your feelings, because you should feel sad if you need to feel sad right now. Be sad, dammit! And if you aren’t going to finish that croissant, can I have it?

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    1. My robot heart just grew a size bigger. Thank you for this comment. Some days you just have to be sad and go through it. Thank you thank you.

      And yes, you can have the rest of the croissant. Actually, let me give you a whole one. It’s vanilla filled.

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  4. Oh Dora, I think we can all relate to this feeling. I think specially these days, there’s such a pressure to always look happy and fulfilled because everyone else seems to be leading perfect lives on instagram. But we often feel sad and I’ve learned to deal with it because great things can come out of sadness. I even think that sometimes being sad makes us more creative. And you are a great writer. Remember that.


    1. Yeah. I think so too. It’s so easy to filter out the good memories from the bad these days. And I think it was important for me to say that I was sad because I had to acknowledge that the feeling exists. All the comments have been wonderful.

      My heart is just going boom boom pow. 🙂


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