The Walking Dead – Consumed


You we’re just watching the Carol and Daryl show!! And glad to may I add. So the OTP is back and this time we see the events leading up to the end of the Slabtown episode.

There were a lot of scattered footage of Carol’s journey up to the rescue in Terminus. None was to answer any of our questions though as to what Carol did to survive, who she met along the way, or if she met anyone in the first place. What the flashback did though is to show Carol’s growth, that she herself was surprised she was capable of.

After following the car that abducted Beth, the two ran into Noah and after watching the episode we definitely know who Daryl’s with in the bushes! Anyone who speculated Noah, good on you! The baby faced Noah thought he could outsmart Daryl and Carol. Noah, what the hell were you thinking taking that man’s crossbow? You know that’s a death wish right?


You’re not ready for the crossbow son.

But Daryl was easily reunited with his beloved crossbow as the two caught up with the renegade Noah, who clearly does not know what he’s doing. That’s what happens when you pretend the world is going to fix itself and stay cooped up in a hospital! You don’t develop survival skills! Are you listening Dawn?! Huh?!


Leading up to the Noah encounter, Daryl and Carol had a lot of alone time. Carol tried to justify why she wanted to make that quick get away. She said she didn’t want to just watch everyone die. Which makes a lot of sense if you’re Carol. We remember that Carol had to take care of business back in the prison by burning a couple of people. She had to shoot a deranged kid for everybody else’s safety. Even rewind back in season 1 where she had to ax her own husband’s Walker head. Carol had to do a lot to survive and that removes something in her sense of humanity. If you watched the after show, Yvette Nicole Brown, who is looking hot by the way, pointed out that Daryl held back in helping the helpless Noah because he wanted Carol to be reminded that they can still help people. He wanted her to beg for him to shoot the Walker. Daryl would never let anyone die! Daryl, the guy who would risk his neck for a little girl (Sophia). Daryl, who cradles an infant in his strong arms (Judith), would not, let a young tween die, no matter how idiotic he is.

Daryl and Carol are very in sync. If there is any other person in the group who would readily strap themselves in a careening van with Daryl, without question, besides Carol, it would be Rick. Flashback to Season 3 when they had to empty the lot in the prison. Rick only has to shout Daryl’s name and Daryl would instantly know that it means, “take care of this Walker I’m about to tackle so I can close the gate!”

When the two climbed that van, there was no exchange of words. There was a look, a nod, and some holding hands. Very Thelma and Louise.

By the end of the episode we now know how Carol ended up in Dawn’s hospital. I actually thought that Noah would fill them in about the what’s what in the hospital and Carol would pretend to be hurt but no! She gets hit by a car! But the good thing about all this, the group now knows where Beth is and they are ready to kick butt to get her and Carol out. Yes! Some Rick action! Can you believe it? We only have 2 episodes left? And the show does not comeback until February! I know someone’s rioting. Right Margaret?

So what did you guys think of the episode? How bad did you want Daryl and Carol to hook up in that bunk bed?? Do we like Noah now??? Let me know in the comments, yeah?


  1. I stopped reading after Daryl and strong arms. *sigh*

    For the mid season hiatus I am going to do like Yvette and watch every episode 3x then rewatch entirely from the beginning. That should hold me for about one weekend. And then we can schedule my total mental breakdown.

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      1. Yeah I like Noah now too. I think hes going to be a part of the group. I dont know if Carol is unkillable. But maybe not this season? We still need a Carol and Daryl action!! I think someone in Abrahams group will say goodbye by the end of the season.

        I have this bad feeling that Carol would be killed off. Melissa has been very emotional in all the panels this year.

        Side note. That Noah actor has a resting bitch face. Or is it just me?

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      2. Totally resting bitch face!

        It seems like each season they kill off one of the main, we love them so much, people, and Carol would be a good contender for that spot. Man! She’d be this season’s Hershel, or Dale or Laurie (maybe? I didn’t miss her that much but she was pretty main cast.)


      3. Right? I thought it was just me. But then I would see him laugh and id relax. Haha.

        I think the Lori death was expected. Rick needed that I guess. My favorite main character death is Shanes. Carl shooting him was so bad ass. Saddest was Herschels. I miss him soo much. They would have to justify her death. Im so nervous.

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      4. It was interesting on the TTD when CM Punk brought up .shane being ahead of the time. Because it’s so true. He realized, and acted on impulses that the rest of the survivors are currently grappling with. But he still deserved to die.


      5. Ooo, that’s a good question. Maybe, yes? Combine a bit of obsessive “my best friend’s girl” with an obsessive personality, yeah. And it wasn’t just her personally, but that she brought the promise of family with her.

        I have to admit, there was a scene where Shane and the blondie (I can’t remember her name) went shooting, and they were in the car together and all ready to makeout when Shane said “well, get on, girl” or something and I became captain of the Shane is a hottie boat. But that changed. I had a lot of sympathy for him initially tho!


      6. I think he thinks that Lori and Carl was some sort of price he won when he saved them. And its like the apocalypse is just a free for all thing.

        Andrea was the blondie and that scene was hot. I expect in the real apocalypse people will have more sexy time.

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