Quick Post – A Feel Bad Post Ended With A Good Video Post

I am always a washed with relief whenever there is an empty elevator waiting  at the exact moment I need it. I have this irrational (maybe it’s a real phobia? add that in my to Google list) fear of sharing an elevator for some reason. If I can’t avoid it, I’ll use the stairs. Yes, it’s that serious.

When I decided to move back here 2 years ago, I’ve dreaded the thought of bumping into someone from High School, someone from Church, someone from my past. I just don’t like it. I know you think I’m an idiot. I know I’m an idiot!! But it is a legitimate fear in my part. Or a fear similar to that of fearing Werewolves. My heart starts beating so fast and my brain instantly makes a sound like the wheel in Wheel of Fortune when spun (ratatatatatatata tat tat tat), and my body looks for the nearest exit.

I don’t know why I avoid people. Maybe it’s not about the person but more of the exchanging of “how are you’s” and “promises of catching up”. I hope you don’t think I’m a mean person after admitting this, I mean, we’ve shared delightful comment banter these past few months that I just don’t want to ruin what we have going on WordPress, but I just don’t care.

I mean I obviously care about people! I just don’t care about some people. And the majority of those people I don’t care about resides here. Maybe we’ll talk about the whole feeling of contempt towards this place some other time and maybe you’ll forgive me for being an a-hole.

I don’t feel like explaining more of the why’s because I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. Let me know in the comments WordPress! Don’t make me feel alone!

But to hopefully redeem myself and not fall out of your good graces completely, here is a video of dogs, getting a massage for the first time. Let me repeat, dogs getting massaged, for the first time. You’re welcome.



  1. Damn you, Dora, for tricking me into watching doggy massages with my dogs in the room. Now they have all sorts of ideas!

    I, too, hate running into high school people. I see the ones that I want to see, the rest can just go away. But that’s the biggest risk of living in your home town.


    1. I was thinking of your dogs while watching this video. You should learn some massaging!

      Right? Glad I’m not alone in this. I dont like the idea of reunions. College maybe. But not High School


    1. They are right. Especially if it’s a long ride. Just awkwardly standing there and someone would always want to start a conversation and I’d be like, “no, no, no, shut it down.”

      Right? Dogs are the best!

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