Crappy Pictures Of Crap With Captions – Work Computer Desktop Edition

I’m cleaning out my desktop because the amount of gifs and jpeg files loaded in my screen is disturbing. Evidence of my procrastination everybody! So before I get rid of them, or store them in a secret folder for future use, let me share some of them to you. Because why the hell not.


My favorite picture of my (current) favorite stand-up, Louis C.K. For some reason, and alarmingly so, I find Louis C.K. hot. Is it the baldness and the comedy? But I don’t find Larry David attractive at all. What gives brother Louis Louis Louis?! Is it the contempt for the world? Is it your picture taking a dump while smoking a cigarette while (I assume) going on Tumblr? Gah! Hormones!

tumblr_mp9a9buLPp1runxeno1_500 tumblr_mghh98ZyM41qay0tlo2_500

Old pictures of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler doing improv. I’m not sure if these are pictures from their time in Second City or much later in UCB. But it warms my heart that these pictures exist. Look how 90’s those outfits are!

tumblr_nc45qxFZde1runxeno1_500 tumblr_inline_nc44cg8uVL1ro28q1 tumblr_mg3093MrRB1qdfj81o1_500 tumblr_mlycs6NgUe1s0o2nio3_500

A buttload of Tina Fey gifs! Trust me there’s more! I even have a separate folder for just Liz Lemon gifs. I know it’s a problem. You don’t have to tell me.

I didn’t grew up watching SNL as a kid. I didn’t get to watch an SNL episode until mid 2000’s when Zac Efron was such a big deal (first episode, or at least, one I remember seeing, is hosted by Zac Efron). But I watched Mean Girls in college. Like maybe 10 times. Found out that the actress who played Ms. Norbury is the same person who wrote it. Slapped myself, hard,  because duh! a movie is written and not just a bunch of actors being directed to do things at will. And basically flipped out that the other supporting characters are in/from this show called Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live. If I we’re a guy, or a hermaphrodite, I would have a boner every time I hear Saturday Night Live. Maybe not every time. Maybe just when Don Pardo says it or a recording of him.

What I’m trying to get at is Tina Fey is my ultimate hero. She made me realize that there is a legit career in comedy.

tumblr_mh5mnmWRF41r6krcqo1_500 tumblr_n17tucGfQ71sk49xdo1_500

Gifs of Moss from The I.T. Crowd. Have you heard of the genius that is Richard Ayoade? I ask, not to be condescending, but because he is underrated! This guy is hilarious without breaking a sweat. If you don’t believe me watch The I.T. Crowd, and not just for Richard, but also for Chris O’Dowd, Chris Morris and Noel Fielding. You know what, for all the Brits!


Tom Hiddleston smoking gif. Look at those curls! Look at those long slender fingers! I wish I was that cigarette. *sigh* I can look at this all day. Why Tom? Why do you have to be so god damn irresistible? Stop making me feel things! I do realize that I am talking to a gif so I’m going to stop now.

Did you enjoy any of these pictures? Do you have the hots for Hiddleston as bad as I do? Let me know in the comments. Don’t be shy. We can form a society together!



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