Quick Post – My Dust Filled Degree

My work requires little to no effort at all. I’m not saying that because I think I’m so good at it like I’m the Sasha Fierce of the insurance world. If you don’t know, I work as an Insurance Officer in a private hospital (very riveting stuff). Officer is a misleading term, as it leads you to believe that I am in charge of something. If I am, they are a pile of paperwork I need to push around for the next *checks time* remaining 4 hours.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but this is not exactly the work I imagined myself to be tolerating at 27. Maybe I was hoping for something more “exciting”, whatever that is. The idea of Jennifer Lawrence and Lorde being in the same picture excites me so I must be aiming for something low bearing or maybe I just don’t know what the hell it is I really want to be doing at 27. Maybe get paid for spewing nonsense at the expense of sarcasm filled comedy? Yeah, that may be it. Is that low bearing?

So imagine my colleagues surprise when I can mouth off scientific/medical terms at a drop of a hat. One doctor nearly dropped dead (exaggerating – rule of comedy) when I pointed out the reason the request got rejected is because there is no direct correlation to the diagnosis.

“Don’t even ask me why I know how there is no correlation to the diagnosis. I just do.” Me trying to sound pleasant and nonchalant and non smug.

“She’s a nurse.” One office mate offered.

“Only technically.” I said, hoping that the discussion would stop there.

But sadly no. My uncontrollable urge to spit out medical facts, that are most likely just  residual knowledge from my 4-year degree is the hell gate for conversations like this. And before you know it, my (poor) choices in life is being questioned by a complete stranger.

Complete Stranger: “If you have Nursing degree, why aren’t you one?”

Me: “I don’t want to be one” (If I’m in the mood there’s a whole thing about “No offense to all the nurse’s out there…”)

Complete Stranger: “Well if you didn’t want to be one, why did you take up Nursing?”

Me: (Trying to avoid the whole drama of I didn’t choose Nursing) “I thought I wanted to be one.”

Complete Stranger: “Why won’t you be one right now? I think you’ll be great”

Me: (Trying to avoid the whole it’s not a question of how great I am) “I don’t think it’s for me.”

The conversation can go on but it almost always ends with a

Complete Stranger: “I just think it’s kind of a waste.”

And I don’t know how to react to that without being violent.

There is this sense of waste because I am not exactly performing to the expectations of people around me. But in my defense, I don’t see it as a complete waste when I can make someone’s jaw drop when I can name all the bones of the face.

My degree is like a dormant dragon, ready to spit fire at the instance it’s provoked. If there is any argument about waste, it should be mine and mine alone. I understand my degree can be an issue to a bystander but I don’t think we’ll enjoy a 4-hour conversation about the failing economy and the shortage of job opportunities.

Unless of course it’s intention is to kill my remaining 4 hours in this office.



    1. Ugh! Same here dude. Same. Here. When people tell me, you write funny, I immediately go, so where’s my TV writing contract?

      Let’s do it! My head is buzzing with ideas. We can work from distance right? Haha. And you can sell it to BBC and then Britain will really have to adopt me.

      Liked by 1 person

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