Movies I’ve Seen Lately

I watch one to two movies a day. This used to be a point of pride, because during an interview, Tom Cruise (yeah I like Tom Cruise) said he watches at least one movie a night. The thrill of sharing a trait with Tom Cruise upped my game to 3 (and most days even 5) movies a day until someone pointed out to me that the only thing that Tom Cruise and I have in common is that we’re both single – and probably lonely – and that we have so much free time that we watch a movie a day. I’m pretty sure that Tom gets laid a lot so we still have the movie thing bond going but now I have shut up about it.

Now that unnecessary introduction is over, here are the movies I’ve seen recently.



This movie is just pure genius. If Boyhood were a person it would be winning spelling bees and science quizzes left and right. This coming-of-age drama, filmed in a span of 11 years, is played by the same set of actors all throughout. Now, if that is not enough to convince you to watch this then I don’t know what will.

This is my favorite movie that I’ve seen all week. And I can’t wait for the forgetfulness to set in so I can watch it again.

Watch it when: You’re in the mood to cry and be happy at the same time. If you want to relive your teenage self. If you’re having an existential crisis.



If I have to pick a second favorite it would have to be this one. As a Potter fan, watching a Daniel Radcliffe movie seems like a must. But the guy keeps doing dark twisted movies, it’s hard to fulfill that Unbreakable Vow (hello Harry Potter reference!) all the time because I’m not always in the mood for it. But this, I’m totally game.

A story about the struggles of being friends with the opposite sex and pretending to be happy for someone when you’re obviously not.

Watch it when: You like romantic comedies. You’ve seen Ruby Sparks and loved it. For Daniel Radcliffe, because let’s face it, the guy can really act (although some may argue that he is a bit one dimensional but I blame his 10 years of playing a surly child that everyone’s out to kill all the time).



I’m a sucker for coming-of-age films. But I actually watched this because of Nick Offerman. The guy can’t seem to make a movie without his wife being in it too, but no complaints because Megan Mullaly is a joy.

This is a story about 3 boys who are just sick and tired of their parents and home life, whom decided to build a house in the middle of nowhere. I enjoyed the idea of running away from home and pretending to be a man but still buying a roast chicken from a Boston Market and pretending that I actually hunted the damn thing.

Watch it when: You once hated your parents and home life. When you feel you’re becoming old too fast. For the sheer joy of seeing cameos of comedians (Kumail Nanjiani, Hannibal Buress, Tony Hale). For the kid that played the character of Biaggio!

Violet & Daisy- nuns & pizza


Saoirse Ronan’s filmography consists of a lot of movies about a child killing people for sport. Or is it just Hanna and this one?

In this movie, Alexis Bledel and Saoirse Ronan play the eponymous Violet & Daisy. They are hired assassins in their tweens. If that is not enough to tickle your movie bone, the two takes a job for the sake of buying a designer dress. Classic teenage drama right?

Watch it when: You miss James Gandolfini (who stars as the guy they’re hired to kill). You want to take a small break from your Gilmore Girls marathon (I’m looking at you Margaret). You believe Saoirse Ronan is an underrated actress (this film is not all around amazing but her accent in this is on point).



      1. Yes. In logical order it runs 1: Watch movies. 2: Play computer games. 3: Murdering puppies in the street.

        We are each others safety net on this Dora. As long as we stay on 1 and 2 we are ok. If you get those puppy murdering urges, call me and I will host an intervention. An intervention where all the little puppies tell you how much they love you and how your actions are affecting them.


      2. You will have no problem in that front. I think my ability to murder something/someone is very high, especially in an apocalypse, except for puppies and kittens.

        Wait a minute, you said Murdering puppies in THE STREET. So puppies off the street is considered fair game?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I have just looked it up in the ‘Puppy Murdering Handbook’ and page on page 56, under sub-paragraph C it states quite clearly ‘…that whilst murdering puppies in the street is allowed, and even encouraged, it is not the same for murdering puppies off the streets. This is considered ‘poor form’, especially when visiting friends or relatives.’


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