Favorites Of The Week – Jennifer Lawrence and Lorde are BFF’s Now! And Also Others. But Mostly About Jennifer Lawrence

Being on the internet at least 16 hours a day (minimum) can cause headaches, slight nausea, Wikipedia Wormhole Syndrome and the worst, just loving too much of too many things. Here are some of mine for this week (alone).



This picture accurately describes my everyday condition. You know how you plan and plan for something and then sleep on it, confident that you have a mission for the next day, and then somehow end up reading on String Theory (again). And before you know it, you’re Googling on the cast of Clueless and where are they now and hyperventilating over Jennifer Lawrence pictures.


Speaking of the Queen. Her majesty Jennifer Lawrence (of Arabia) attended the Mockingjay premiere with her new bestie, Lorde (and savior)! You guys have no idea how this picture makes me feel. When news broke out that Lorde will be curating the Mockingjay soundtrack, I felt, first of all, legit goosebumps and second, thought about Lorde and JLaw hanging out and then talking about how much they love each other and then talk about how much they love me.


I’m going to apologize right now for any other future Jennifer Lawrence related post. But I am not going to apologize for this:

During a panel interview, Jennifer was asked “What kind of music would Katniss listen to?”


And added this for good measure




Speaking of Lorde and the Mockingjay soundtrack, my music favorite of this week is Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde.

I can’t decide whether to post the official music video

Or this fan made(?) video with scenes from the Hunger Games movie

So I decided to post both, because well, they’re both good.



I think I watched this last week but I loved this too much not to share it with you guys. Richard Linklater, to me, can do no wrong. I am a fan of his works, School of Rock and the Before Trilogy to name a few. So when Richard teamed up with Ethan Hawke again, who is also amazing in his own right, I just went nutso.

Just watch this. You can thank me later.


You’ve probably seen this video circulating the web for quite sometime. This video was produced by an organization called Hollaback!, a movement dedicated to preventing and ending street harassment. The less than 2 minute video quickly went viral and sparked a lot of controversy. My favorite blog post related to this video and just about street harassment in general is this post written by Zaron Burnett in Medium.


If you don’t know already I am a big Potterhead. So naturally I seek out all things Harry Potter related. My favorite of which this week is the original concept drawings for some of the Harry Potter creatures. So dark! You can see the entire drawings here.

What are your favorites this week? Let me know in the comments! Let’s be best friends! Or not. It’s cool.



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