Quick Post – What My 15-Year-Old Me Had To Say To My Ex-Boyfriend(s)

One of the (many) benefits of moving back to my parents house are memories. My teenage bedroom still looks the same, only this time I’ve added blazers in my wardrobe (go blazers!). While I was cleaning out my closet – to make space for my blazers – I found my old diaries. Nothing horrifies me more than being reminded of the stupid things I use to write about as a teenager, like they actually mattered. But some of them also impresses me as an adult. One entry was a 5 page rant about Global Warming, which I’m pretty sure is a copy paste out of an article in a magazine, but nonetheless, 15-year-old me was worried about climate change. Solid parenting mom and dad!
As a 15-year-old, I also wrote about Avril Lavigne, a lot. How Avril’s music changed my life, how Avril and I are meant to be best friends, and how we would trade wristbands all the time. You know, fun stuff. Another thing that the whole Avril obsession brought about was the desire to be a singer songwriter. I failed heavily on that front but it’s fun reminiscing on how much I tried.One diary entry was a “plan” on how my 1st album would look and sound like. The entry included a track list with titles that has the running theme of “to all the boys I loved before”. As a 15-year-old, with a body filled with raging hormones, here are some examples of song titles in reference to some of the boys I “loved” at that time.
– Why Won’t You Txt Me Back?
– Math Class
– We Used To Be Friends
– Back Of The Bus
– I Found You First
and my personal favorite
– It’s Cool If We Don’t Talk About It
I actually think I’m just referring to that one guy. But as present me, what things would I have wanted to say to my ex’s (multiple! take that 15-year-old me!) that I could have turned to song titles. I’ve thought of some.
– We Never Did Finish That Transformers Movie *wink*
– I Don’t Care If You Don’t Like The Godfather Because I Do
– My Mom Didn’t Like You
– Not Another DOTA Game!
– I Didn’t Need The Flowers You Gave Me But It Gave Me Something To Facebook About
– Maybe We Should Break Up
– Stop Flirting feat. Your New Officemate
– Trouble Trouble Trouble 
– Don’t Argue With Me On A Weekend (a rap song)
– Thanks For Tolerating Me (a duet)
– We Had A Good Run
and still ringing true
– It’s Cool If We Don’t Talk About It
To all the boys who I loved before and who may or may not loved me back, I’m sorry and thank you for putting up with this dum-dum.Dora out! *drops mic*


  1. Awesome. Go blazers! I have some of those diaries myself. Much less Avril Lavigne, however. My elementary school invited me to speak at career day so I found age 11 diary entry about career day (but mostly about boys) and read it to all of them instead of writing a speech :/

    Now excuse me as I go listen to the Wyclef version of to all the girls I’ve loved before.

    Btw, who are all these dudes a 15 yr old has loved before?? My 15 year old self love song would have to be the radio safe altered version of I’m not a player by Big Pun that goes I’m not a player I just crush a lot.

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    1. Don’t worry. Most of the boys are fictional characters from books and movies and few guys that I semi stalked in school. But there is this one guy who I really liked/loved but he dated my best friend instead and took her to prom. So yey! Haha. Glad I’m not the only one who still keeps her diaries. :))

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