Weird Wednesdays – Something Weird For Your Home


Gah! Weird Wednesdays is back!! I’ve been into home decor lately because I am seriously thinking of moving back to the Philippines and get myself a very grown up apartment. With a kitchen and everything. And since I am a fan of the weird and awesome (or anything cheap and home made really), I scoured the internet for some weird and cool stuff for your home.


Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

I love toast and I love Star Wars. Impractical, but c’mom! Who wouldn’t want a little Darth Vader in their breakfast?


R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock

Speaking of impractical but super cool Star Wars stuff, how about you nerd up your mornings by being waken up by this adorable robot.



Bang Bang Egg Toaster


I was a pescetarian for a while for no concrete reason, and mostly ate eggs at that time. This machine uses steam to cook eggs. Genius.

m_img_34622 (1)


Toaster Teapot

This machine brings the two things I love together; tea and toast. So god damn adorable!



Three in One Breakfast Making Machine

Leave it to the Japs to make some ninja like breakfast machine. This baby can brew your coffee, bake your pie and fry your eggs all at the same time.



The Bookcase Bed

I love to read books and sleep. Why not combine both. Really good space saver.



Specific Sleeping Position Bed

More like torture bed! Perfect for married couples!



Hamburger Bed

Now this is more like it! I bet Cee would love the hell out of this bed.



Canape Wall Chair

This is, to me, the perfect sofa for reading. That arch can support my back and I can put my feet up in the arm rail. Right?

behind_the_wall-sofa (1)


Behind The Wall Sofa

Doubles up as a wall and a sofa. I don’t even know.

What other weird appliances/home stuff have you seen floating on the webs? Let me know! Is there anything in this list that you would get for yourself? That torture bed right?





      1. Not stomach sleepers, that’s who. Obviously this is a jokey kind of art bed but who has the money or the space to either make something like this or to buy it? How does a bed like this even exist?


  1. You’re right, I love the HECK out of that burger bed. I would want to get it for my children…you know, tucking them into a burger at night, the most regular mom thing to do. I love interior decor and demand a part II.


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