Happening At Present – Mulling Things Over

Things I’m thinking about/internalizing

– Do I really know what “mulling” means and am I using it correctly in a sentence?

– When will I stop putting Taylor Swifts’ album 1989 on repeat? (spoiler: currently listening to 1989 as I type this)

– Just realized that the song Style is 100% about Harry Styles of One Direction and it just made me love the song even more.


We all get it! You’re freaking gorgeous!

– What if Taylor and Harry had a baby? Would that be equivalent to the royal baby?

– One way of falling back in love with Jake Gylenhaal is watching the trailer for Nightcrawler.

– I really really want to start a YouTube channel.

– One quick way to be relevant on the internet is to share a Beyoncé music video

– I could totally rap ala Eminem.

– My rap name can be D Dawg Style. Or D Swizzlerz. Or D Beatz (short for dead beats).

– Maybe I should write a character who is lactose intolerant and is really cool with the idea of being broke in exchange of travelling.

– I should totally marry a Canadian.

– I should totally marry a British guy.

– Maybe British men are more forgiving about bad teeth and small statures? Or at least I hope.

– I think I have the Scottish accent down just by watching Peter Capaldi in The Thick of It.

Peter Capaldi is really old and also really hot. I would totally flash him.


Don’t mind if I do.

Malcolm Tucker is one of the greatest characters in the whole of TV history.

– England looks so beautiful that I think I would spontaneously combust upon my arrival. Whenever that will be.

– I just want to be adopted by Angelina Jolie or someone like Angelina Jolie and have a popular Twitter account.

– I think knowing all the words to Lindsay Lohan’s Parent Trap Disney movie should be included in my resumè.


– Are we the only household left that still owns a VHS rewinder?

– If only lip syncing were a profession, I would be so on top of that game. I’m not even kidding.

– I think I’m funny.

To witness more solid internal reflection you can follow this dum dum on Twitter. Or not.


A picture of a picture of said dum dum



      1. Hahaha. If you really think about it, everything is connected to the Illuminati. Hahahaha! Completely unrelated, but I saw a clip of someone saying that Monster energy drinks have Illuminati symbols in em. Hahaha


      2. Yeah, I think the video is a really good call about the media’s portrayal of her not being able to keep a boyfriend. I mean, I like Taylor’s songs, but I’m not that invested in her life. But her cat was in the video so that was cool. And the guy is super hot.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Guys, you should really listen to the entire album. Blank Space is good but I don’t think it’s the most addicting track on the list. 🙂 There are more. *me doing crazy eyes to lure you into listening to 1989*


    1. Yup and I would even dare say, better. Actually, Taylor writes really good songs. Before this album I liked the Red album, but this, this is suck-you-in-ultra pop. Listen to Out of the Woods, and my new favorite All You Have To Do Is Stay. I Know Places is a really dark upbeat song and I like the lyrics on that one.

      Her deluxe album also includes “voice memos” where she talks about her songwriting process and I’m always interested about the creators intention behind their work. So that certainly helped in liking the album.

      I’m also curious, what are your usual music picks?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I listen to a lot of music, most anything. I’ve of course heard Taylor Swift on the radio before but this is my first time considering purchasing one of her albums. In pop music I like Rihanna and Katy Perry, but my musical tastes are very wide ranging.


      2. I think 1989 is a really good album. And I don’t usually succumb to listening an entire pop album. But it’s really good and catchy. I think it would be a good purchase.


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