Crappy Pictures of Crap With Captions – Old Facebook Edition

I first joined Facebook back in 2009 – remember 2009? There were a lot of bad choices involved – I didn’t want to but you know the power of peer pressure. That Facebook account has long since been abandoned. My college boyfriend was sort of a jealous psycho and he disabled my access to that thing. But that is neither here or there because I don’t need that account anymore anyway. But the interesting thing about it is, the stupid pictures I have posted on there. I can’t, for the life of me take a serious, non-goofy picture. Please, allow me to demonstrate.



Me at my best form. This was taken during 1st semester of my senior year in college. I was taking full course work and also performing clinical duties in hospitals and government sites. Besides that I was also in a band. This was me in class thinking really hard about my future. One of our professors senior year took pity on us because our class was so early and most of us would come from night duties the day before. So he would allow us to nap during class as long as we complete his requirements.



Taken around 2008, I guess? Did I ever tell you I was in band? Did I ever tell you that I was the vocalist in that band? Oh and that shirt! That shirt had a built in vest in it and I thought it was the coolest piece of clothing I ever owned. Like a girly Han Solo.



Before the front camera was invented, one of the most worn out camera angles was the up-slightly-tilted to the side. And of course the duck face because apparently I don’t know how to take a picture with a normal smile. Taken during the time I was still heavy into skateboarding and playing arcade games in the mall. Check out those bangs!



I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in 6th grade so I don’t really know what my face looks like without it. I mean I can still see myself in the mirror but it’s really blurred. But anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to take a zoomed in picture for reference. And yes, those are real moles in my face. I have plenty.



Me taking a picture behind the curtains in a bus. I have a very prominent gap tooth. Most of the time I don’t really care too much about it. But it’s just one of those days where you just want a decent profile picture because a guy that you like just added you on Facebook. Check out that lip ring! I thought I was pretty cool.



A 19-year-old Dora’s favorite outfit. I ❤ NY shirt, skinny jeans and a ratty pair of soccer Pumas. What did I tell you about not giving a damn about that gap tooth.



Sometimes, I skip school and eat fries in Mcdonalds. What did I tell you about that shirt.



For some reason, our uni had this huge aquarium up front filled with Koi. When my friend took this picture, the area was packed with new students. They thought that this was an initiation to the cool society. And they we’re right. I was the founder, president and the only member of the cool society. Cool was then changed to ultra weirdo.

P.S. During one typhoon, the aquarium got flooded and all the fishies were released into the wild. If you don’t know, Koi fish are really expensive.

Last but not the least. The most moronic picture of ’em all. 



This is what a drunk Dora looks like. Or at least I think I was drunk. I don’t know. I repress a lot of things.



  1. “Oh you a thug now, homes” is how I would caption your lip ring photo. Hey, what can I say. I’m jealous of your 19 year old photos. Mine are locked somewhere in a pit of shame. My 19 year old self raises a long island ice tea in your general direction.


    1. Oh man. I was straight up trying to look all punk rock i dont care about you nerdy type. I had more piercings when I was 17 and I’m glad I don’t have pictures of me at that time because I looked like I was homeless. It’s fun and painful to look at old pictures of you right?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “Why?” just about summarizes my experience of looking at old pictures. I, too, had a piercing phase. And I have my one stupid tramp stamp of the cow jumping over the moon as a reminder. Why? Nobody knows.


      2. Oh man. I share your shame of the bad tattoo. Worst thing is I got at the same time as ex boyfriend. Good thing though, it was not a matching tattoo. And I bet you also went through a changing hair color phase? That for me was disaster. But I’m pretty tame now.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Of course! Hello purple tips! I couldn’t commit to full head of bright color. Mind you this was the year 2000 (the year 2000!! *echoes*) I admired all the punks in London and went to a salon there to have it done. And managed to score some lice in the process. Ewwww!!


      4. I went full orange once without meaning too. I wanted to go red head and because I’m a cheapskate I bought those generic Korean hair dyes. The result was a pink head of hair the first week then after a washes turned bright orange. Everyone at called me Ron Weasley. Actually, Abraham’s hair reminds me of that old hair color. Oh, memories.

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      5. Well there’s Charlie and Bill and Percy and the twins and Ron and Ginny so that makes me the 8th. I’m the adopted red headed Asian kid. Perfect. I’ll look up the picture and post at some other time. It’s a bad choice that I just committed to.

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      6. God, can you imagine that? A family who so strongly identifies with their ginger roots that they force the hair color on their adopted Asian kid? The dark side of the Weasely clan!


    1. There was a video of me, taken that same day, and they were commenting on my sleeping frame ala discovery channel.

      Of course you’re welcome to join the Cool (but not really cool but Ultra Weird) society. 😉


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