The Walking Dead – Self Help


There is a lot to talk about in this week’s episode, so if you haven’t seen the latest TWD serving, what are you doing clicking this post? Go watch it and then come back here. Because as usual, major spoilers ahead! Walkers were massacred by a fire hose! Go see it already!


Let’s just get the elephant in the room out of the room, because the elephant is taking a huge dump and I mean Eugene just pooped all over our faces, meaning he is a fudging liar! He lied about DC and he lied about everything else. But before that was revealed we had bits and pieces of Abraham’s past, who is shaping up to be an interesting character than I thought he would be.

From the flashbacks we know that Abraham had a family. Fans of the comics would know the real reason why he smashed that guys face in a pulp and finished him off by stepping on his bleeding neck. Fans of the comics would also tell you that Abraham’s family – wife and 2 kids – were slayed by Walkers. And that when he first met Eugene, he just discovered his family’s carcass and is about to go suicidal.


Hold up! That’s how they met!? So you’re saying that Abraham, who’s number one driving force is to get this “scientist” to DC to hopefully “save the world” met this same scientist while he was on the brink of offing himself?! I don’t know who is more insane, Eugene for pretending to be a scientist dude or Abraham, who apparently will believe that unicorns exists if a guy with a mullet tells him so.


So cats out of the bag, Eugene is a liar. But can we blame the guy? He’s smart but also helpless and here is this gullible guy who just appears to have lost everything, and also strong. I actually admire Eugene. When the lie was getting out of hand though, he tried to delay the trip to DC. And here I was thinking that the reason he wanted to stay with Rick is because he see him as a better leader. But he wanted to stay because he wanted to not go to DC because that would mean exposing himself and losing his protection.

Does this justify Eugene’s lie though? This was his only tactic of surviving the apocalypse. He thinks he is as helpless as Judith. If Abraham wasn’t so desperate to believe his lie, I think Eugene could have ended up dead or he could have learned to defend himself. Just like Carol and the others did. But once you weave a lie, it’s hard to spin out of it. And also Abraham would literally kill him for making him his personal dancing monkey.

Outside the whole Eugene thing, we saw Maggie and Glenn questioning their own decisions of leaving Rick’s group. They tried to make themselves feel better by saying, “think of it as a vacation”. It’s hard to stand by your decision when it turns out the person you chose to follow is willing to lead you through Walker city but no sympathies there. I want Glenn and Maggie to feel guilty.

So DC is a bust. What’s next for this group? Will they split up now that there is no mission? Will they turn back and try to find their way to Rick’s loving arms? Do you think people would still want Eugene around or his worst nightmare’s just came true?

I think we have to wait another episode to find out because if you’ve seen the after show and catch the spoilers for the next episode, you’d know that the next episode features a healthy and very much alive Carol who is reunited with Daryl. Looks like they left the church because the setting has changed. And they are also getting rid of a child sized body. More mystery!!


So I leave you with this, do you think Abraham should go or Eugene? How happy are you that Maggie and Glenn are in this predicament? Are you in agreement that there should be more Rosita? Let me know in the comments!



  1. It’s nice to see Maggie and Glenn smile and laugh and what not.
    Eugene should just die! He’s deceived everyone, got a lot of people killed, just for the reason that he’ll save everyone.
    Abraham is not to blame, I’m glad he’s alive however he will most likely be seen in a negative light after punching asshole Eugene.

    I’d like to add that whilst I was watching this episode with a couple of university mates, a friend said “You know what this show needs more, sex scenes” And just minutes later we see Abraham and the girl going at it. (She’s hot). Also Tara Chambler, I really like her too, ❤ lol

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    1. I think Eugene should be left behind. But I dont think thats gonna happen since Tara and Maggie are total softies. Outside the whole Eugene thing, Abraham is already an asshole. Did you see how unreasonable how was. Of course were on his side since Eugene turned out to be a fake. But what if he didnt and Abraham still insisted in walking through that walker unfested infested area.

      Yeah, Rosita is hot. More Rosita definitely.

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      1. Yeah Agreed, he would have pushed to cross through the hordes of zombies no matter what. He just wanted to get there, even if it meant loosing someone. Tunnel Vision.


      2. I think he knew deep inside that DC was bullshit but he had to believe in something to just keep living. But I really like Abraham. The character and the actor.


    2. Last week my husband said the same thing! I explained that it’d be hard to get it on with zombies all around, but he insisted there would be more sex then what we’ve seen so far. Then BOOM handle bar mustache gets a workout.


  2. So we both asked for more Rosita and honestly, I think someone out there in TV-land heard us! Her relationship with Abraham came totally out of the left-wing, which makes me think they don’t actually have a relationship at all. She’s just another sex thing, which makes me sad since I do like her and think she has a lot of potential. A vlogger I recently came across said that TWD butchers ALL the female characters on the show. With very minimal exceptions, I think there’s a lot of truth in that.

    I was really surprised at Abraham’s past, but I love him all the more. Sure, he was about to lead the group into a walker-infested area, but he’s the way he is now because of Eugene – and I’m not talking about Eugene being merely a fake. Eugene has done a bunch of fucked up shit to cause all sorts of delays, which I can only imagine be psychologically taxing on Abraham who is the de facto leader of the D.C. group. Eugene planted glass in the school bus and I think him shooting up their first ride way back when we first met them wasn’t a coincidence either. You know how much I detested Gareth right? I hate Eugene enough that I would actually love Gareth’s group to eat him all up. Now that’s what I’d call brain food.

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    1. I think Rosita knows exactly what he’s getting out of Abraham. And I don’t think she’s pining for him enough for it to be a big deal. She knows theyre stuck together and you work with what youve got. I like Rosita. Super resourceful and shes the most capable in that group right now. Like she can survive on her own.

      I don’t know what I feel about Eugene exactly. But I’m glad he got beaten up. He deserved that. And I think if they’re going to punish him, I say leave him to fend for himself. Its about time he grow some balls. I think Eugene is the kind of guy who has lived his life believing he couldn’t be capable of doing things, like he’s a failure. And that’s why he feels he has to lie his way through things because if he tells the truth no one would care enough to take him to be part of their group. I think he would turn out differently if he met Rick first and he saw that he’s not the most helpless being in the bunch. He could’ve evolved differently. We’ve seen it happen with other “weak” characters before.


      1. I know, but I think the show in general portrays females to be either weaklings or sex objects. At best, they’re just lukewarm. But females can be just as good leaders and warriors as the men – which is probably why I’m such a Dawn hopeful (but realistically, I don’t think Dawn-reformation is going to happen). It takes a lot to survive on your own out there, and while I think Carol has it, I don’t know enough about Rosita to make that call. She is resourceful though – she has stuck to Abraham and Eugene for too long to make me think otherwise.

        You’re spot on about Eugene. I think if he had a better sense of self-worth, he wouldn’t have felt the need to weave such an elaborate lie. But as if the lie wasn’t bad enough, he kept adding to it even though he already felt guilty – such as telling the others that his “boss” liked his hair. I don’t want Abraham or any of the group to kill him; I don’t want his blood on their hands. The best thing for them to do is leave him to fend for himself, as you mentioned. If Carol got ousted merely for eliminating threats in their camp, then Eugene definitely deserves it.


      2. Maybe I’m just biased because I love the show too freaking much. I think Michonne, Carol and Lori too showed a great deal of strength and leadership, unlike Rick and Gareth and Philip yes, but I think it’s fair game. I mean there are very few sex scenes in the entire show to date. I don’t know, maybe I’m just biased? Eeepp.

        Yeah! Good callback on the Carol thing. I do think that leaving Eugene would do him good, I don’t how great of a storyline that will be though. But I’m glad we all hate Eugene right now!


    2. I’m all aboard the whole Abraham loving train! You should watch the after show too Cee! Especially for this episode because you get to hear the actors POV about their characters. Michael Cudlitz who plays Abraham is a sweetheart.


      1. The aftershow is called Talking Dead (very aptly named) and it’s hosted by Chris Hardwick. I think its available on YouTube. You are missing out because they usually show spoilers in the aftershow. And I think I included this next weeks spoilers in this post. You should watch it. 🙂

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      1. I totally agree- Michonne and Carol are where it’s at. Both are really well developed characters, tough but for a reason. TWD does better with their women than many shows. But Beth? Maggie? I’m pretty sick of both of them. We don’t know enough about Tasha to get close to her, and same goes for Rosita. Am I forgetting anyone?


      2. Yeah, it is true there are a lot more hateful female characters than male. Or at least in my opinion. I mean, I did not like Andrea right off the bat. Lori too was and is still not a fan favorite. And I kind of hate Maggie right now. But that’s just me I guess


      3. Yeah me too. I really don’t have complaints on that front because I think there is a fair portrayal on both ends. I mean we’ve seen Rick, this alpha male turn to this super emotional guy and that drama ran for almost the entire season. And we’ve also seen Daryl cry over his brother and stuff. On the other side of that, we’ve seen Michonne, Carol, Sasha beat people/walkers into pulp and most of the girls don’t have romantic scenes either. Maybe I’m just super biased and blinded by this?

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      4. That’s why I was wondering what the “brutalized” meant, because now most of the women have experienced some gender specific trauma (rape and domestic abuse), right? Carol with her abusive husband, Michonne at the hands of the Governor, Beth and the cop, Maggie and the Governor… Dying in childbirth adds Lori to list, too. It’s interesting to consider if the men, too, have been brutalized in a male specific way.


  3. After watching TTD I was wondering if Abraham and Eugene are in the spinoff show. Because they both are full on hair of their characters. So we know neither of them are dead yet, but if they’ve finished shooting this season, then why are they maintaining the hair dos?

    About this episode: Eugene just jumped to #1 on my shit list. I’m glad he gave Abraham something to live for, but at the cost of so many other people? No bueno. It does make me wonder if Eugene’s actions were purely selfish, tho. You need a purpose in this world to survive it, and he provided a purpose for many people. Just in a shitty way.


    1. Maybe their already shooting for the next season? Waaah! Or maybe they still have more scenes to shoot for this season?

      I think Eugene was just this guy who got caught up in his own lie and the more people get involved the more he had to make the story elaborate and he somehow made himself believe that his story is legit. But either way, I think he’s insane. Like he’s incapable of feeling human emotions. Like he only thinks logically. Do you think the group should just get rid of him?

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      1. He’s done some invention stuff things in the series that kind of showed his ingenuity. Like in the last episode, he made fire out of that battery and I had to see that twice to a. make sure it was Eugene and b. see how he did it.

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      2. And he also talked about putting glass in the fuel tank was it? And in the first episode he was either trying to get the door open or booby trap the door with a used canister of smoke bomb. Dont know what he’s trying to do exactly.

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      3. I think he had a bad childhood. I wonder what happened to him before meeting Abraham. I know they talk about it in length in the comics. And believe it or not, Abraham is more an asshole in the comics.

        By the way, who would you say is your favorite in the series so far?

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      4. Michonne. Hands down. As soon as she stepped on the scene with that katana sword. When I walk to work with my two dogs trailing on their leashes behind me I imagine that I’m Michonne with her walker pets. How about you? Who’s your fave?

        So have you read the comics? I’ve read the novels but not yet fully committed to the comics.


      5. I like Michonne too. You should have dressed up as Michonne for Halloween and dressed up your dogs as the walker pets! 🙂

        But my favorite is Rick. Always. Like, I’m super loyal to that guy. Daryl is a close second. Their team up makes my fangirl heart swoon.

        I’ve read the first 5 then realized there’s just too much spoilers in em.

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      6. Really. I don’t know, but I’m fine with it. Ah, I think they kind of tied Meryl’s attitude and what Norman said in the NY panel that he’s own back story of Daryl includes a lot of humiliation courtesy of Meryl. But I saw some spoilers (that may or may not be on the show) that proves otherwise. Spoiler, it involves Carol.

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      7. Eek!! Yay you get some Carol! I don’t mind either way, but it seems like kind of an easy explanation for Darryl’s loyalty to Rick. The strong devotion that Darryl has to Rick is more complex than just simply sexual urges IMO.


      8. I think they’ve talked about this before in a panel, but the reason why Daryl was so quick to trust Rick is because Rick is the big brother he always wanted that was just absent with Meryl. And in the 1st season, even if they’re mission was to go back for Meryl, who was hand cuffed by Rick, you already see this instant connection with Daryl and Rick. And it was very evident in the episode where they save Glenn from the Latino guys. I’m very into Rick and Daryl. And the actors play it off really well, always saying I love you to each other, I’m like get a room!

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