Favorites Of The Week – Taylor Swift, Adorable People and Twitter

Gah! I’ve been loving a lot of things from this week. And thought I should share some with you and maybe your loving the same thing as I do. Which is basically the ultimate sign of friendship. Right?



1989 – Taylor Swift

I’m a fan of Taylor Swift’s music which is not necessarily an indication that I’m a fan of her. Until now! T-Swizzle has come a long way and it shows in her music. Her lyrics have matured and apparently she’s loving single life as much as I do and in my mind Taylor and I are best friends.

First track is Welcome To New York and it sets the tone of the entire album. There is no hint of country in this album by the way, which I’m fine with.

My favorite from this album is Out of the Woods. It sounds so different from all other Taylor songs that she has released. And I’m a sucker for pump-your-fist beat and repetitive lyrics. And I’d like to think that her friendship with Lorde and Ed Sheeran inspired her to write this song.

Chandelier – Sia

This was mad on repeat the from the SNL Jim Carrey episode. Maybe you should see why.


BathSense is a shop/human that I have been loving this week. Margaret, who I “met” here in WP has a store located in San Francisco, California (edited because I originally posted Sacramento). She also collects cute bangles, resembles Amy Adams and she is also the person of a very cute dog named Bandit. Bandit! Just stop being so adorable!

And speaking of adorable, here are some more adorableness that Margaret sells in her online shop.

original (1) original

Adorable Vases *drools*

original (3) original (2)

Adorable Vintage Bangles *eyes bulging*

original (5) original (4)

Adorable Knitwear


I finally downloaded the Twitter app on my phone and I’ve been active on it. You can comment with your Twitter handle so I can track you down and give you a follow.



  1. ERMAGOD. Thanks for the shout out, that was really nice of you, Dora. And Amy Adams? I just about fainted. You are too nice. May I point out that my shop is in San Francisco? Which isn’t far from Sacramento per se but…. I do free delivery in SF and I’d hate to disappoint the gobs of Sacramentonian shoppers. But hey, if you say Sacramento or bust maybe I’ll just go ahead and set up shop there 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome. And your shop is really one of my favorites this past week. I don’t shop online but I love looking at your online store. Waaah! I can’t wait to visit California. Maybe I can drop by your shop and pick up a bangle for myself. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. With home decor, I really like the all white/clear themes and I LOVE the french rustic pitcher. One of my goals is to visit CA one day, and when I do, you can betcha I’m going to visit your shop!

      Also, dang you’re gorgeoussss.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I do like Taylor Swift, which is an admission that took a long time for me to make. I can’t wait to check out her 1989 album, haven’t done that yet. But now that I know it’s Dora-approved, I’m pretty sure I’ll like it as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1989 is super pop infused. No hint of country at all – not that I have anything against country music – just saying that its so different from what shes done so far. And I thought her Red album was already the best.

      Dora-approved sounds a good title for a YouTube show. Haha.


  3. I’ve been listening to that album a little bit more than I should, but it really is pretty good. Out of the woods is one of my favourites, but Style and All you had to do was stay have been on repeat for the past week.


    1. Yes! All you had to do was stay is also on repeat. Im a sucker for those kind of beats. Im not a huge pop fan but this album was well played. When I’m listening to the album I forget that it’s Taylor that I’m listening to.

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