Retooling And A Buttload Of Shameless Plugs (Not A Post About Butt Plugs)

Funny T-shirts Ideas2

I was checking out the layout of this blog and flipped that the followers are near a 100. I’ve been blogging on and off since graduating High School, and though “following” a blog didn’t start becoming a thing until much later, I never really kept a blog long enough to see if people would be interested. I used to just ramble about stuff and though I could have posted something more personal and is actually happening in my life – when there were actual things happening in my life – back then it felt too personal and talking about it in a blog would somehow decrease it’s “meaning”. Or maybe it’s just the insecurities working it’s magic, making me feel like I’m a less interesting person than I actually am. I mean I get it, a major part of living my life is making it a lot more interesting for me, and I’m living it. Ok, let’s not go there.

WordPress has been really good to me. And I actually feel I have actual friends that stemmed from being more open about my opinions and what not. Even if I talk a lot of nonsense. Who knew right?

But! In the interest of keeping this blog relevant and interesting – for all of us – I thought of making some changes and I’d like to get your opinion on it. Or not. Blogging to me has always been a one sided conversation but you’re always free to butt in. Come on. Do it.

Some ideas old and new

CPCWC – Crappy Pictures of Crap With Witty Captions 

I don’t take a lot of pictures, especially of myself. I’m just awkward about it. Plus, I’m not confident enough to produce a selfie. But, I did enjoy sharing some Crappy Pictures with you guys. So maybe I can keep doing that and just have different editions. Like Crappy Pictures – High School edition, where I show you stupid pictures from my teenage years. Crappy Pictures – Phone storage edition, where I show you some of the pictures that is stored on my phone for some reason that I should really be deleting. But the challenge is, coming up with a witty caption besides #nofilter.

Dora’s Book Club

It sounds a bit narcissistic naming a book club after me, but I made an Instagram account for this thing and dorasbookclub was available as a username and I can only tolerate “username not available” a few times. But the idea is to read books to be assigned on a weekly basis – or depends on the length of the book – and have a review and discussion about it. I’m really into books and I think writing about them is a good way of flexing my writing skills. So if you like books and talking about books and if you like recommending books or if you’re a writer that we should know about. Jump in!

Reactions to The Walking Dead 

of course! Or until the season ends. Then we’ll see if there’s any other show worth talking about. Of course there are, but you know what I mean.

Weird Wednesdays

I’m still keeping this thing. I enjoy this waaay too much to stop doing this. I know I missed on last Wednesday but I was busy with work and I don’t half ass Weird Wednesdays. Ever.

Dear Dora

The lack of Dear Dora post is not lost on me. I have several emails pending for this segment, to which I have already extended my apologies, but I was thinking of making this in a video format actually, since some of you (actually about 3 of you – you know who you guys are) enjoyed that stupid video that I made during my illness, maybe I should keep doing it.

And also I have a Facebook page that I thought would be a great tie up with this because oddly enough, 1 or 2 of the kids who sent me Dear Dora related emails do not have WordPress and I really want them to see the response that some of you may have about their dilemmas.

P.S. The Facebook page is still under construction. But what isn’t under construction?

Favorite Fridays

Where I talk about a shitload of things that are making me sooo happy that I flail.

Twitter Tuesdays

I’m on Twitter now (shameful plug)! Because why not. Twitter Tuesdays is when I can answer any tweeted questions in 140 characters. Also when I follow lovely people on Twitter, so if you’re on Twitter, send me a hello and I will hunt you down.

Ok I’m done. I think I’m out of ideas.

Stay sexy WordPress.



      1. I am super hopeful that this rumored second Walking Dead show starts up then. Year round Walking Dead! Do you think it could be as good as Rick and crew? I hope it’s set in the Arctic, how intense would zombie winter be, right?! You could die from zombies or the elements!


      2. I think the setting would be in Kansas and would start off similar as the Atlanta crew. Two families coming together. So anywhere hot I guess. Is Kansas a hot state though. 🙂

        New York Zombies please! Imagine all the stand up comics turned walkers!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You have the special TWD scoop! I guess Kansas is hot? I don’t know. I just know about their terrible tornadoes that can transport houses before dropping them on witches :/


      4. I can’t say I have a second favorite TV show. The only show I anticipate watching is TWD. I mean I also watch out for SNL but I never really considered that to be a TV show. Other than TWD, I binge watch my other shows like The Mindy Project, Brooklyn 99, Mulaney – seeing a trend here? – I’ve also been checking other new shows like Selfie and the DC tv shows like The Flash and Gotham. Oh yeah, AHS too, but I’ll probably marathon that when the season is over.

        Besides that, I just watch old TV shows I can marathon. Been watching old Scrubs episodes.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. The first episode of Mulaney was really good and if you’ve been following his stand up you will hear some of his older jokes, but it was still fun. And good call casting Nasim Pedrad too. And the guy that plays Motif – his best friend is really funny! It definitely needs time to grow into a better show. I mean c’mon, no one really liked Seinfield in it’s 1st season right?

        They cancelled Selfie???!!! NOOO!! Just when I was getting into Karen and John pairing. John Cho!! T_T

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I know!! They have good screen chemistry! I had to google to see if John Cho is married bc I worry for his wife. I mean, I would marry Karen Gillan myself just to spend hours enjoying her goofiness. Such a bummer. I bet this is a show that’s mostly watched online, and stupid networks still put too much weight on the Nielson ratings. It’s a shame, and we better get a goddamn happy ending out of it!


      7. I replied to this and wondered where it went. But just in case I’m trying it again….

        John Cho is hoot! I would marry him in a heartbeat! Im a fan of many US shows and I don’t get too much them in real time and I get upset that my views do not count. This Nielsen rating sucks. The power of commercials can make or break a show. The number of cancelled shows that could have been great is overwhelming. I have a list!

        And also. Watch Broad City since you live goofy women. Its only 10 episodes! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      8. YES!!! I watched (and re-watched) all 3 beautiful seasons of Happy Endings. I don’t know why it got cancelled. Jane and Brad are the best couple ever! Remember that episode where they pretend to be fighting outside in the street while the rest of the gang watches them from inside the bar? Never laughed so hard.

        Speaking of shows I loved that got cancelled, I think Pushing Daisies is on the top of my list.

        Liked by 1 person

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