Happenning At Present – The Pumpkin Spice Latte


I’ve talked about how I’ve never tasted pumpkin spice latte before. So here I am, trying it for the first time. Not that it actually matters. But it just seems that people go crazy over this every time the fall season comes,  might as well try it and because also I’m a sheep sometimes.

Not that there’s anything wrong with liking what everybody else likes.

So I showed that same picture to an American friend of mine and she said, “Wow! How white of you.” And I laughed by myself at a Starbucks – I feel obligated to say that I am not a fan of Starbucks – and replied, “And I’m listening to Taylor Swifts’ 1989 album too.”

And also, I’m not Nora. But I just realized how cute the name Nora is.

My pumpkin spice latte verdict is, *shrugs* I’ve tasted better.



  1. I like my coffee either bitter or sweet, never spiced. I’ve never tried the pumpkin spiced latte…and I never will. The problem with Starbucks drinks is that unless you get straight up black coffee, anything you get will make you sleepy and fat. I used to get the caramel macchiato…fell asleep as I was drinking it.


      1. I think I read you lived outside the US for a while, so did you live in the part of the world with those Nescafé ads that go “open up, open up”?? So weird. And it runs thru my head every time I say Nescafé (open up, open up). And I’m enjoying my cup of it now.


  2. Can I just go ahead and say that I hate coffee, it smells really bad and just the smell that comes out from people’s mouth is horrendous. I’m a tea kind of guy. Also next time you go Starbucks, get me a hot chocolate, I’ll love you forever!


    1. I pretty much stopped drinking coffee on the regular after college because my useless stomach can’t handle it anymore. Majorly my fault because I used to drink 5-6 cups of coffee in a day on an empty stomach.

      Hot chocolate? In Starbucks? Seriously? How much is that thing? I can whip you up with just Nesquick and low fat milk – low fat because my useless stomach can’t handle whole milk.


      1. I’ve tasted the Starbucks hot choco. They do a decent white choco drink too. But I’m just too cheap to subscribe to that stuff. But yeah, if we’re ever in the same area, I’ll make you some.

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    1. I dont know if its just the way Starbucks made that drink but I really didn’t care too much for the pumpkin latte. Maybe I need to try it at another coffee place before I completely write it off.

      I started reading that book but stopped and now I’m reading something else. Im not much in a reading mood at present which is a shame because I have a growing to be read pile. Sometimes you just have to be in a certain mood to read something. If you have any book recommendations to get me off my schlump it will be most welcome.

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      1. Sometimes I feel like that, too and I start reading dozens of books that I never finish. I’m reading Bossypants right now and I’m really enjoy it, but you’ve already read that one. Have you ever read A hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez? One of my favourites!


      2. Yey! Bossypants!! Let me know what you think about it. No I have not heard about that book. I will look it up and scour a copy. Not a variety of books sold around here.


      3. Oh my gosh me too! Especially memoirs/biographies of comedians. I especially liked Sarah Silverman’s Bedwetter, Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out With/out Me, oh not a comedian but also really good, Lady Gaga’s bio by Helia Phoenix but it was just about her earlier stuff.

        What other biographies have you enjoyed that I can check out and add to my mountain sized to be read list?

        P.S. David Sedaris=Genius


      4. Now I want to read all these ones you just mentioned! I really like River Phoenix and reading his biography got me a little bit depressed! I liked Kurt Cobain’s and Michael Jackson’s is quite intriguing. And David Sedaris! Me talk pretty one day is on my list!


      5. I feel like the one about River is going to make me cry. And I think that’s why I read more comedies than most because I’m such a crier, it’s embarrassing. But only in books and movies, not in real life though. Which is weird I think.

        First book I read of him was When You Are Engulfed In Flames and it was insta love. Chelsea Handler’s books are pretty good too. I really like books written by standup comedians.


      6. I’m halfway through Bossypants and I’m enjoying it so much that from now on I’ll definitely start reading more comedies. And I’m a big cryer, too! Specially in movies and books as well.I never read Chelsea Handler, I’m not sure I like her, but I might giver her I try!


      7. That’s what I felt too going in Chelsea Handler’s books. But I’ve read two of hers already and liked them. My dream is to be a TV comedy writer so I’ve always been interested about their writing process. After Bossypants, you should read Mindy Kaling’s book. I think she is just one of those people who can make someone laugh without trying. Like Lena Dunham. I don’t have a copy of Amy’s books yet but I’m in the look out for that.

        The books that can make me cry like every freaking time I read them is the HP books. Specially Order of the Phoenix. That book. Ugly crying. Like wailing almost. What books made you tear up?

        P.S. Maybe we should hang out? Beer? Some poutine? 🙂


      8. I think you have what it takes to be a TV comedy writer, your writing is so naturally funny. I’m really interested in Mindy Kaling’s book, that’s gonna be my next reading.

        I’ve been harshly judged because of it, but I haven’t read the HP books yet! But I’ll go through all of them soon!
        I can’t remember what books made me tear up. Can’t think under pressure. Ha! Yeah we should hang out! Poutine sounds good. Come to Canada! Snow coming soon..


      9. Oh thank you. That means so much. I think half the time I am just trying to make a failed attempt at being funny. But as you know self deprecation is a main ingredient in comedy. Yes! Read it yes! It’s really short and funny. And if you are into it, you should also listen to the audiobook. Oh! Bossypants audiobook too!

        I cringe. But I don’t expect everyone to read the HP books the same way I don’t expect everyone to watch the LOTR trilogy but when they say they havent, it still physically hurts me.

        Oh Poutine. Sounds like a love story waiting to happen. I hope I can come visit/live in Canada soon. That place is just gorgeous. And also, beautiful people.


      10. Trust me, you are funny! And yes, self deprecation is an important ingredient.
        I don’t think I ever listened to an audiobook in my life! But Bossypants audiobook sounds awesome.

        I know it hurts because I have friends that are just like that and they can’t believe I’ve never read the books, but I actually want to. About the LOTR trilogy, I’ve only watched the first movie. I know, I’m hopeless.

        And you right, beautiful country and beautiful people. And then we can eats lots of poutine!


      11. Thank you so much. It really means a lot. I’m not a big fan of audiobooks because I like to read in my own phase and sometimes listening to someone reading a book stresses me out.

        How did you manage to avoid reading HP and watching LOTR? But I probably have something like that too definitely. Can’t think one right now but I definitely have one. Like how I havent read the Great Gatsby yet.

        Poutine, Snow, Canadian men. Just beautiful.


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