I’m On Twitter! #relevanthuman

After much egging by my good friend David Beecroft, I finally downloaded the Twitter app on my phone. And though I have no idea on how to use it, I am very excited about it.

I just don’t like miniature versions of already small things. Take for example Snickers and it’s miniaturized version. I don’t know if you feel the same but to me, regular Snickers is already a miniature version of how much Snickers I want to eat.  And Twitter. Well Twitter is already a miniature version of something. It’s a portion controlled rant. It’s like a curse you cast on Gossip Girl for being a Gossip!


I curse you to only say things 140 characters at a time!! And also warts! Genital warts!!


Oooohh! Like I’m so scared! Watch me rake in a million followers witch!

So what I’m really trying to say is that I’m on Twitter, and maybe you should follow me! Because I’m hip and young and cool! Plus, I am really nice. No promises though.




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