Sick Girl Update – The Recovery

I’m really pimping my illness huh. I’m sorry. As soon as I stop taking these medicines and stop coughing my throat dry then I’ll stop. But here’s some updates about my recovery.

– I drank green tea this morning and I can taste it and it’s not that bad – my friend supdarling must be feeling really smug about this because she told me that I would like it even with the full function of my taste buds – and yeah, I am on board this green tea train.

– I’m back at work and I hate it. I have so much paperwork to catch up on and everyone else decides to take a leave and I am just awwwwwww. Then I raise my middle finger because of extreme happiness.


I’m “fine”

– Someone just told me “you sound sexy

and I said, “I have a cold

he said, “you should get sick more

and I raised my middle finger because of extreme happiness.

– The whole time I was sick and was feeling really crappy, the thing that keeps crossing my mind was, “should I Tweet this?” and when it feels like I would give in to my better judgement and actually Tweet something, I am reminded that I don’t have the Twitter app downloaded in my phone. And then I would cry because of extreme happiness.

– Every time I blow my nose, I look around, and once I made sure that I’m all alone, I open the tissue up just to check that not a piece of my brain was dislodged in the process. You think that’s disgusting? You should watch that video about that guy with bed bugs in his ear. And no, I am not linking that vile in my blog post.

– I am currently deaf in one ear.

– My look for today is inspired by the phrase, “Maybe you should stop trying” or “Just don’t” or both.

– I am slowly dreading the rest of the day. Send help. #prayforDora

– I should also tell you that I am receiving gifts in form of books and books in this really troubling times. Seriously, books make me feel better. Used books, new books, paperback and hardbacks, I will take it! I review books! #shamelessplug

– *feels a headache coming* (internal monologue) “Should I Tweet this?”

Stay awesome WordPress!



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