The Walking Dead – Slabtown


Is it ironic to say that the after show was more interesting than the actual show? Because that’s what happened. I enjoyed the Talking Dead more than the Welcome back Beth! episode and I thank you Ana Gasteyer!

You can hate me for this and even call me unfair, but I never really liked Beth. And I think everyone, even Beth herself, would be okay with me saying that, because Beth is not a likable character. There is a reason why Beth is not a major player in the group – some would disagree but we’ve gone 3 episodes not knowing where she is and did we really care? Maybe we did, but I think it was more for Daryl or her less caring sister’s sake – it’s because she’s, kind of boring, or predictable. You choose. And yeah, this episode was kind of boring. You have your scrapes with a walker here and there, but nothing extreme. And I think Beth herself described it in the most accurate way.


Look at that perfectly placed hair. Gorgeous!

“If you feel safe enough to be bored, you’re lucky.”

And we don’t want lucky. We want action! We want screaming and running and your occasional Judith close ups while being held by Daryl moments!

But I get it. Not every episode is about survival. Sometimes we just need people holding you captive for so and so reasons.

The episode opens with Beth waking up in a hospital, which is a really nice call back to the first episode of when Rick wakes up from his coma. She is greeted by two people that I immediately do NOT like who insists that she has to stay because they saved her life.


When someone greets you by saying, “we saved you so you owe us” you just don’t trust them.

I don’t like Dawn. She’s a megalomaniac who thinks she’s saving the world. I guess that’s redundant. The more I see her the more I hate her. She’s a badge wearing, uniform doning, OCD, who you know, has not been out there. And it’s a good contrast to the different types of leaders we’ve seen so far. There was this poll in the after show as to whether Dawn is a better leader than Gareth. I know we all hate Gareth because he’s a sadistic cannibal but at least he’s not a pretentious coward like Dawn, who has to slap other people to feel that she’s in control. And if you would really analyze the episode then you would know that Dawn is just as bad.


Tyler James is all grown up!! He’s so tall!

We know from Noah that Dawn is pretty selective with who she thinks deserves their saving. According to him, he was saved rather than his father because his father was stronger and would have fought back. Basically, they’re saving scrawny guys that they can order around, young girls the male officers can guilt trip to having sex with them and people that they have use for, like that doctor that the other doctor got killed.

By the end of the episode Beth already has the hospital figured out. Dawn is delusional and her leadership is hanging by a thread. She’s keeping the male officers alliance by whoring the other girls all because of the “greater good” and Beth is not having it.


That girl Joan chose to be bitten by Walkers than stay another day and even in the first few minutes of the episode, you see an officer leaving a room with a girl who clearly is not up for talking with Beth. Beth is dumbfounded because she looks about the same age as she is. She should be totally jumping up and down with excitement and exchanging their speculations as to who Gossip Girl is.

The episode ends with Carol being wheeled in. A little battered but at least we know she’s alive. And now we all know that she’s not the one with Daryl from last week’s episode. Are we going to see some Carol and Beth action? God, I hope so. I just want Carol to hold Dawn down while Beth kicks her in the crotch. Too much?

I’d have to say that I am now slowly turning to a Beth fan. They say that the apocalypse sparks that necessary brutality in you and we get to see a little bit of that from everyone. Rick with his neck biting. Carol with her kid killing. Sasha with her multiple stabbing and some others. Beth has now come face to face with that change and it’s fun having to see that because we don’t want her to just sit down and wait for someone to rescue her. We want her to Rambo her way out of there. I personally wanted her to gouge Gorman’s eyes out but I guess being eaten by a Walker was a satisfying payback.

So in the comments below, what did you feel about this week’s episode? Was Beth’s disappearance worth all that hype? Did you want to slice off Gorman’s penis as bad as I wanted to? Let me know.



  1. Beth is so blah, and in TTD they kept calling her “in touch with her feelings”… Wha? Since when? She’s cold and distant. She just kind of shrugged her shoulders last season when her bfri got killed. I think they are just projecting emotions onto her because she’s female, quiet, and pretty. But please, there’s no emotional level to her because there is NO level. Beth bitching done, I like the episode. I enjoy any that shows how other people are surviving in this world. It gives perspective.

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    1. Yeah, I’m in complete agreement with that. They kept saying there is more to her and everything, but I don’t think we get to see that until this episode which made me think, “are we watching the same Beth?” I think everyone gets an arc and this is hers. I think Beth IS cold, but with this episode she’s just done. This episode is her Rick moment.

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      1. What about when Chris Hardwick asked what kind of leader would Beth be? I basically snorted the water I was drinking out my nose. Beth = leader? Please. If it wasn’t for Rick, Darryl et al she’d be long dead. Her survival even depended on these hospital wackadoos.

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      2. Hahaha! Me too! I snorted but mostly out of principle. Beth can’t even lead herself! But we’ll see. She did help out break out that Noah guy. But there is no way that Beth can be a leader.

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      3. It seemed to me that Noah helped break her out, she was almost ready to out run him, got side tracked and then he escaped instead. That little smile TTD brought up struck me as more sinister then encouraging. Like she was rueing her lost opportunity, maybe even hating on Noah that he didn’t fight for her.

        Anyway, it’s totally Noah in the woods with Daryl, right?


      4. I am sensing that you are very anti-Beth. πŸ™‚ Not that it’s wrong because I get it. All this hype about Beth like people are actually (audience and characters alike) looking for her. Beth is like the Scott Pilgrim of TWD. All the Twitter hype but the ticket sales are just womp. I don’t know. I think the sinister smile is like her one upping over the bossy bastards in the hospital.

        Yeah. It would make sense that Noah is the guy with Daryl. Now that Carol suddenly appears in the hospital.

        We actually learn more stuff in this episode besides the whole Beth thing. We learn that it’s been years since the breakout. I’d say 1-2 years? Since Noah said he’s been in the hospital for a year now. And I’m also basing it of off Judith’s age. She looks like she’s 1 now right? And they still haven’t left Atlanta? Exactly how big is Atlanta?

        So going back to the whole Noah with Daryl thing, I’d say yeah, I am totally on board with that theory.

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      5. Good point, that time perspective is interesting. I’m not actually anti-Beth, but you’re right her hype is way disproportionate to her quality and importance of character. I think they are trying to build her into a Michonne or Carole level of character importance and she’s just not. She doesn’t have enough gumption, you know?

        She’s coasted this whole time, this episode was another chance for her to prove herself and I still feel like she’s a mystery. Well, not mystery because she hasn’t any secrets. But just a blob. She always wears that same blank wide eyed expression. She seems one dimensional and they are trying to turn her more complex by showing the scar on her wrist. But it takes more than that to launch a character.


      6. I have this theory that they are slowly building up Beth because by the end of this season she’s going to be killed off. And they want her to at least have a bang before she actually goes. I’ve seen some spoiler pictures which may or may not be real. Maybe it’s just the network pulling a prank. I’m still rooting for Beth to have a more dynamic character. I think she deserves it. I guess what we feel right now is the exact same thing that Daryl feels when he ended up with Beth in season 4. And Beth knows that everyone thinks she’s an underdog. But maybe it’s not enough motivation for her.

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      7. Remember when she had that melt down with Daryl and she was like “I know I’m the worst” but I hope for her sake she buckles up and show she’s got substance.

        What about Dawn though? Any thoughts? And that doctor guy? How soon do you want him killed off? πŸ™‚

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      8. As soon as I found out he was eating Guinea Pigs. I love Guinea Pigs.

        But so Dawn, how did she hold on to control for so long? I got that she was a slapper, but that didn’t seem like enough authority to keep people in line. Oh! And was there an implied bit of sex slavery in there too? Like they collected girls to keep the male guards happy? That one asshole Gormon was definitely crossing the line, but was that part of the structure of the place? Like in the way Terminus was Cannibals, these guys used girls for sex?


      9. That soon? Poor doctor. Poor guinea pigs!

        I think she just became the non-elected leader after her mentor dude died, who I guess was the former leader, maybe. I had to watch it twice to really get it but there is a whore house thing going on. And the girls just shut up about it because they were guilt tripped because they were “saved” by them and all. And Beth picks up on that very quickly. When she said you didnt have to save me so I really dont have to stay here. But then Dawn argues we didnt HAVE to save you but we did so you owe us. Beth knew that if Gorman forced himself to her Dawn would just turn a blind eye because Gorman helps in keeping everyone “safe” which is as fudged up as eating human meat. And that girl Joan chose to lose her arm than be Gormans bitch.

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      10. Yeah, I think thats what happened. Its clear she wanted out or just die because she refuses to be treated. Or maybe its the thought of losing a limb thats making her hostile. Im trying to remember how she died in Dawn’s office. Maybe I should see that scene again. Can you remember? Was she trying to get the same keys? Everyone in that hospital is like a bad place holder. Like, we need to give Rick and the others some break after that high actioned break out so heres some stuff about Beth I guess. Like an unpractised intermission number.

        I feel so mean saying that. Eep!

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      1. Nice! I usually don’t start my post with any spoilers because they appear on the dash. And I try very hard not to say anything that will ruin the whole episode for someone who has not seen it yet. So maybe come back to this when you’ve seen the episode.


  2. Wow, Wow and even more Wow! Beth is pretty cool after all. She definitely has the fighting spirit and it’s awesome to see “Chris” from Everybody Hates Chris get away. I’m sure he’s with Rick and the gang. And the ending.. (one more) WOW!


    1. I didnt think Beth was that impressive. It was no Carol but I guess its a step higher from the last time we saw her.

      Actually, Margaret aka Very Bangled said that Noah could be the same guy Daryl ushers out of the woods.


      1. Noah was the guy who Beth helped to escape right? I don’t think it was him, I think the guy who nearly raped Beth was the one who took her away from Daryl.

        A good episode, and some good additions to an ever growing team of misfits.


      2. Yeah Noah is Chris from Everybody Hates…. I was actually referring to the guy Daryl says to come out in the end of ep. 3. But yeah Gorman did savenapped Beth. Which begs the question, what is with the white cross at the back of the car? They were certainly not religous in the hospital. Everything is kinda messed up with that whole hospital business. I kind of want everyone to die. Well I guess its a lot more interesting now with Carol.

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      3. Ohhhh now I get last weeks episode, yeah most likely it is him, I thought for a second that the video may have cut the ending off or that Carol may have been bit or something funny may have happened. It’s all taking shape now. Carol is a bad ass!!


  3. I was never a big fan of Beth, but I never really disliked her either. She’s like the congee that you eat when you’re sick to make you feel better, but ignore like the plague when you’re feeling fine. I have so many questions at the end of this episode that I’m writhing in my seat in pain…this is what happens when I can no longer watch episodes back to back. I’m still not used to it.

    I think Gorman’s death was definitely well played; I could not have planned it better myself – ALTHOUGH it would have been nice to see his dead body being tossed down the elevator shaft. I also feel like I had a bond going with the doctor, but ultimately felt so cheated and humiliated when it was revealed that he manipulated Beth into killing the other doctor. Stupid guy, I hope Carol kills him. Not Beth, I want Carol to do take care of it as semi-doctor to doctor.


    1. First of all genius congee reference. *virtual hi-five* and second, Beth is not meant to be a likeable character. Well, until now. There is a reason why she’s separated from the group like this. The same way Carol was from that period. So she’ll become a likeable character. So that they can kill her off. Or that’s just my theory.

      During comic con, they talked about really heartbreaking things to happen, and I imagine that it will either be Beth’s death or Carol’s. Melissa has been very emotional this past comic con and it got me worried. Laurie Holden (Andrea) was like that before they killed her off in the end of season.


      1. I think Beth will become stronger and definitely more likeable. During the entire show, I thought it was so ironic that Dawn kept calling Beth weak, yet Beth is the only one between the two to accept that no one is coming. I’m just glad she wasn’t a whiner – Shane was one.

        I remember you telling me about that and I really hope it isn’t true. But speaking of Andrea, I really..really didn’t miss her. I felt like her existence was exchanged for Michonne joining the group and if that’s the case, it was SO worth it. Maybe Noah is some sort of exchange for Beth. As of now, I hope not.


      2. If Dawn is not dead by the next episode I’m going to lose it. I want her to be eaten by a Walker soo bad. Yeah, Shane was a whiner. One of my top ten favorite scenes from the show was Carl killing Walker Shane.

        Yeah, Andrea was also not a likeable character. I don’t know. Noah feels sketchy to me. Like he used Beth or something. But it was mentioned in this comment thread (by Margaret I think) that Noah could be the guy with Daryl in the woods.


      3. Yikes, I actually like Dawn! I wouldn’t be sad if she died, but I think she has the most potential to rehabilitate between all the other villains. Plus she’s the first female leader we’ve seen and some people do say that the world would be a better place if more female leaders were in charge. Although all we’re seeing right now is typical weakness, with her giving in to what the men want. I’m hoping it will change soon.

        I wonder if there are any TWD themed tag posts going around…stuff like who would you follow no matter what, who would you want to watch your baby during the apocalypse, who would you trust to amputate your leg, etc. That would be fun to fill out.

        I feel the same about Noah! I actually wrote about how I think he might have used Beth to escape as well. I think he might be the guy that Daryl brings back, because right now, Noah is the only link between Rick’s group and Beth.

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      4. Nah. I think Dawn is bad news. She acts like that because she’s never been out there like Rick’s group. But anyway.

        Gah! That’s an awesome idea! We should make one!!


      5. I think she acts like that cause she thinks help is really coming. Just like how the D.C. group (as well as Rick) thinks that going to D.C. would actually help. I bet my bottom dollar that D.C. is going to turn out just like Atlanta and the C.D.C. Ain’t nothing out there, not anymore. All that’s left for them to build are walls.


      6. Me too. I actually miss Lori. I used to not like her after she got mad over Shanes death. She doesnt even know what happened! But yeah, I think a lot would riot if Rick gets it on with someone random.

        They keep pinning Michonne and Rick together though. But I dont think thats going to happen. That woukd be weiiird! But the fun part about TWD is that there is no time for silly romantics.


      7. I was really unhappy when Lori got mad over Shane’s death as well. She honestly should have known better, she had been egging Rick on the whole time that Shane’s dangerous anyway. If you tell someone that they want your spouse and kid, do you expect them just to sit around twiddling their thumbs? Add that to the fact that everyone knows Shane was the one who let the kid go in order to set Rick up… But given all of that, I miss her, too. I think it’s because I was comfortable with seeing her as Rick’s other.

        I think Michonne and Rick together would be weird. I’d ship Michonne and Daryl before I ship Michonne and Rick.


      8. I am with Daryl/Carol shippers. Like hard! But during the aftershow there was a question about Daryl and Beth’s relationship. I think there could’ve been a little something something between them if it weren’t for their inadvertent seperation.

        Carol likes to flirt with Daryl and they look cute together.


      9. I haven’t really invested completely in either of the ships; I think I can see them both happening and I do like them both for different reasons.

        Honestly, I was surprised that the age gap between Carol and Daryl is smaller than the one between Daryl and Beth. Appearances can be deceiving. But yeah, there is an issue of Beth being a minor…


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