Sick Girl Update The Finale – I Hope

Fever and body ache has left me like my second boyfriend! *gazes off in the distance*
I’m back to work tomorrow which is the only bad thing about not being sick anymore. I don’t like being sick but I also don’t want to go to work. So I either have to stop being human or stop being an adult. Decisions decisions.
My nose is still stuffy which gives me that sexy sexy sounding voice. There are so many dilemmas about being sick and not being sick I feel like doing a video about it. Maybe I will.
So it’s back to work tomorrow. And I hate everyone. 
Stay cool WordPress!



      1. I have an annoyingly sensitive stomach so I know all about that gurgling noises.

        Broth simply put is hot flavored water. I dont how different it is from soup. But its the liquid leftover when you boil your chicken. But it can be any flavor not just chicken. Wow thats a long rant about broth.

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      2. That is the coolest thing anyone has said to me! I wish 12-year-old me can read this with her own eyes. Spoiler alert: 12-year-old me spent her free time reading encyclopedias for fun.

        I understand I’m reading too much into this. But still cool.

        P.S. Im still heavily medicated.

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  1. Get well soon Dora! And I just saw your video, you definitely look sick, and the tissues all over the place, BOOOOOGIES!

    You should definitely make more of those, they made me crack up a little 😛


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