Sick Girl Update

My parents cheered me up by buying me McDonald’s.  God bless em! You know that my parents are being extra nice to me when they sit down and watch whatever show I’m watching. And while I was munching down a burger, while snot and tears are streaming down my face, I was watching last nights SNL.
Now, I do this thing, where I say all the cast members name along with Darell Hammond. And my dad was oohing and aahing the whole time, impressed that I know all the cast’s names. I’m 100% sure he’s not aware that it’s the same line up every week.
Unrelated to the last night’s SNL episode (which was meh), a girl sent me an email saying that I should do the Dear Dora segment by video from now on. Now, while that is sweet, because it means she has accepted that this is my face, I don’t have a decent camera yet,
to you know filter my sleep deprived face. But it seems like a good idea. So yeah, that could happen in the near future.
I’m still pretty sick and I hate it. My body can’t decide if it wants to be wrapped like a burrito or not.
Stay healthy WordPress.

PS. Going on a blackout until I watched TWD tomorrow.  Peace!



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