Happening At Present – My Body Is A Wonderland

I decided to film myself sick. You know my brain is not working properly because

1. I voluntarily filmed myself

2. I completely forgot about the whole landscape rule

3. My grammar resembles that of a 5-year-old me

4. Just all around madness.

I probably won’t do this ever again.

Stay cool WordPress!



  1. Hey, it’s you! Man it sucks being sick, but for what it’s worth, I think your hair is GORGEOUS. I find that on top of Vicks Vapor Rub and meds, having hot tea (not with milk) always help me feel better. When you do get better…room tour? Haha.


    1. It’s me. In all my gross sick glory. My unwashed hair thanks you very much. Yeah, I have succumbed to drinking green tea for a while, because I know from experience that milk exacerbates the coughing, and it’s a good thing I don’t have the full function of my taste buds because I am liking it right now. It definitely helps.

      A room tour? We’ll see. I recorded this video from my phone and only did it because I like the sound of my voice when I’m sick. I might spring for a better camera soon, so a room tour might be in the works.

      I watched the video again and I must say, I look like a homeless person. Haha.

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      1. I love green tea! It’s what I go to when I need to step off the caffeine. Green tea is quite mellow and can help you start adjusting to tea without milk, sugar, honey, or other extras. I hope you will continue to like it even once your taste buds start working again!

        I’m obsessed with watching videos of people’s rooms, houses, and living spaces. I look forward to all your projects when/if you get a better camera – although the quality of your phone isn’t bad at all.

        Since when have homeless people started looking so fabulous?


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