Quick Post – Am Tick *achoo*

My nose is runny
My legs feel like jelly
My throat is on fire
My presence can be deadly

This must mean winter is coming
Cook up some spicy ramen
Layer up and cower underneath blankets
And watch Salt for the nth time (don’t ask why Salt is my watch-when-im-sick movie.

My body is useless today.  Stay safe everyone



      1. Maybe shes just accepted that she could be dead you know. I guess thats just part of living in an apocalypse. But during conventions, Lauren Cohan would always say that Maggie has hope because she was able to find Glenn and all despite the odds. But doesn’t seem like it. Beth was never mentioned. But to be fair they had Gareth to worry about at the time. I cant decide whether I feel bad towards Maggie or not.

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      2. How do you mean? Like sympathy because her sister is still missing? Or just she’s sent on a mission she didn’t fully sign up for? think she’s kind of shell shocked this season, which makes her character kind of dull.


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