Weird Wednesdays – Your Halloween Movie Marathon Playlist Finale

As October draws to a close so does our countdown of the weirdest, grossest, scariest Asian Horror movies that grace the planet. Or at least those that I find interesting. Here are the last 5 movies you can marathon after trick or treating.

16. Battle Royale (2000)

Origin: Japan


Adapted from a novel of the same name, Battle Royale is the original Hunger Games (sorry Suzanne Collins). On a field trip gone horribly wrong, a group of High School students were abducted, gassed and collared and was then instructed to kill their classmates on a 3 day competition known as The Battle Royale with no known price other than living. Anyone not willing to cooperate will then be blown up via explosive collars. Amazingly horrifying, as you watch kids off each other in the most brutal kind of way.

17. Feng Shui (2004)

Origin: Philippines


The movie that revived the horror genre in the Philippines. A cursed Bagua mirror centers the story, where it sentences you to death if you stare at it. People get killed, funnily enough, by their Chinese zodiac. One man born in the year of the rabbit gets hit by a speeding bus that has the name Rabbit Liner emblazoned on it. Another man dies in a cockfight arena and was later revealed to be born in the year of the rooster. And so on. The fun thing about this film is that you look out for any signs of the Chinese zodiac in every scene. Watch out for how that lady, that was born in the year of the horse, dies. So clever.

18. Pafekatu Buru aka Perfect Blue (1997)

Origin: Japan

untitled-331 me-mania

When I first watched Black Swan, I had a sudden recollection of this film. I can’t remember the title until I wised up and Googled it. I thought this film was just a fever dream. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this movie is an animated film. That only means more gore. A famous singer decides to leave her girl group in hopes to successfully transition into a dramatic actress. She then receives a fax. Yes, a fax, calling her a traitor. Despite warnings from her agent not to take the rape victim role in an upcoming film, Mima takes the part, confident that it will launch her acting career. Playing the role traumatized her to the point where she can’t distinguish the movie and reality anymore. I’m watching you Daniel Day Lewis!

19. The Healing (2012)

Origin: Philippines


For a Filipino, I don’t watch a lot of Tagalog movies. But when I do, I want it to be by Chito S. Roño. A desperate daughter brings her father, who suffered from a stroke, to a renowned faith healer. After the success of her father’s healing, many of her neighbors, with ailments of their own bullied her to bringing them to the faith healer. They were greeted differently by this faith healer who used to be accommodating during her father’s healing. Reluctantly, the healer performed the healing on them and they were soon cured. But soon all the people that were cured that day started to die one by one, according to the order of their healing. The aesthetic of this film astounded me. You know what, ama watch it again right now.

20. Tetsuo (1989)

Origin: Japan


What. The. Actual. Fak.

So that wraps up the Asian Halloween Movie playlist. Did you see any of the movies? Let me know in the comments!



      1. Oh! That’s too bad. I need to look at your prior recommendations. I went thru a phase of watching all those gruesome Japanese films. Like Ichi the Killer *shivers* All too brutal for me now.


  1. I heard a friend of mine watch a film similar to what you described as Battle Royale. I’ll have a look, seems really interesting since the Hunger Games didn’t really satisfy me as a great movie. I’ll have find time to watch it.


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