Book Review – Eleanor & Park


Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

If you’ve been following my recent book reviews, I think you’re seeing a certain trend. I will admit, I am currently hooked reading YA contemporaries and since I really liked Fangirl, it only made sense that I read another Rainbow Rowell book.

What It’s About – Set in Omaha, Nebraska and the year is 1986. Eleanor and Park fell in love with each other without expecting it because they could not be anymore different. Eleanor is the new strange girl in Park’s neighborhood. Park is just trying hard not to draw attention to himself because he thinks he’s an easy target for the bullies because he’s biracial. He thinks Eleanor is deliberately making herself the new laughing stock because of her strange clothes and strange hair. But for some reason, something about her made him want to be with her all the time. They soon fall in love, sharing their love for comic books and 80’s music. Eleanor and Park venture in their first adventure with love.

What I Think About It – I loved it! Gah! I read an epub version of this and 10 pages in, I was instantly craving for a physical copy and by the time I finished it, I was desperate for a physical copy so I can read all over again. Like right away! This is just a perfect story of first loves and sometimes we tend to forget how uncomplicated and complicated young love is. Like a different level of uncomplicated and complicated adult love.

Rainbow Rowell has a way with her characters that you just become instantly attach to them. Socially awkward and insecure Eleanor is someone like the High School me would definitely relate to. She is constantly anxious about the way she looks and she has (only) two friends that she don’t hang out outside of school. That was so me!

If you ever do decide to read this book, I must warn you that it may induce some feels and you just have to give in. Just give in. Other than that there is really nothing else to say about it without giving away any spoilers.

Read This Book When – When you’re trying to fill a gaping hole after reading Fangirl. If you want a quick read. Warning though, read this in the safety of your room because this book will make you grin like a total idiot and it’s not a good look in public.

P.S. If Rainbow Rowell decides to write a book about Park’s parents, I would be totally on board.


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