The Walking Dead – Four Walls And A Roof


Betrayed. I feel utterly betrayed by this episode. But more about that later. So how about this episode huh? I am both pleased and terrified by how fast everything is going. Like wait what? Gareth’s dead now? So who are we allowed to hate? Gah!

So Gareth died. And whoo boy was it sweet. But before Andrew J. West makes his bloody farewell, Bob has his last laugh. Didn’t I tell you guys that he was bit from the food bank? *smug face* After what seemed to be 30 minutes of “perspective” BS coming from Gareth, Bob reveals that he has been bit and everyone hurled their tainted meat. The episode could have ended with Bob yelling “TAINTED MEAT!!” and I would have been fine with it – for like 5 minutes – then of course I would demand more. Also, why is this episode not titled Tainted Meat??


Bob, Carol and Daryl’s disappearance causes panic back in the church. Everyone goes wacko, specially Sasha and tries to pin it on Father Gabriel. By the way, can someone kill that guy now please. I don’t know what’s worst, the reveal that he locked out a lot of his congregation or his patheticness.

Bob was dumped in front of the church as a warning maybe? What was the purpose of that? To intimidate Rick? I think we’re way past that Gareth. Bob fills them in with the Termite lot, how they monologued the eating of his leg and how he got them back by making them eat zombified meat. And that’s how you know the people who love you. The people who would not throw up when you show your zombie bite.

Rick plans his immediate revenge but Abraham is tired of fighting. He wants out and he wants to take Tara, Maggie and Glenn with him. Abraham’s unstable guys and he’s scary man. He’s hanging on the hope in the form of Eugene and he would looose it if he is killed. I didn’t know the power of Abraham over Eugene and Rosita until this episode. He is scary bossy. Nothing at all like Rick. Maybe Eugene and Rosita secretly wants to choose Rick over Abraham? How much do they owe Abraham to be that loyal.

With promises of leaving for DC as soon as the threat of the Termites are eliminated, Abraham relents and stayed. And what happens next is just…Well let’s just say that Rick remained true to his word. That was some sweet poetic justice seeing that machete hack through Gareth, over and over. And how Sasha was just stabbing Martin like she’s trying to get a block in a Fischer Price toy. And I was like,

ME: “Ok guys, I think they’re dead.”
*more hacking*
ME: “I don’t think they’ll bother us anymore…so…”
*blood everywhere*

ME: 8f8b702db5cdccded0879c6dbaf63cb140d04bbd83964d5bd5f56186e597a115
I think this episode answers the question, who is scarier? The Governor or Gareth? Gareth begged, even promised not to cross paths again with Rick. He was like the school bully who messed with the new kid who used to be the tougher school bully from his old school. While The Governor, that dude will never beg. He would rather die in the hands of Rick who, for all intents purposes, is his mortal enemy, than by some random Walker, or hunger or anyone else really.


Not gonna lie. Gareth is pretty hot!

We say our last goodbye to Bob as Tyreese, doing the necessary evil, drives a knife through his temple. Oh Bob, you began your TWD story by being that drunken twerp that nearly got everyone killed, to Sasha’s driving force and to becoming tainted meat. I will miss you, but I will miss how Sasha’s like with you more. And speaking of missing, how about that scene where Michonne realises that her katana is back. Anyone tear up over that? Oh just me?


Bye Bob

I’m not sad to see Gareth go or am I sad about losing Bob. Someone has to die sometime. But it makes me anxious about who will be the next threat.

The episode ends with Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Tara, Maggie and Glenn driving away. I hate Glenn right now, and Maggie too. After spending an entire season looking for each other they extract themselves from the group? What is this? Was this about the hacking? Was this about keeping the peace? Or is Glenn ready to take his own route away from Rick who is becoming darker and darker by the episode. Betrayed Glenn! Betrayed!!!



  1. I loved that Bob got his laugh on! The episode before, when he left the church and smiled, then cried, right before being kidnapped- I turned to my husband and said “Bob’s been bit.”

    TWD was all “we can only ever have two former The Wire cast members at a time.”

    Am I alone in disliking Eugene? I get Abraham and his drive, but I worry it’s all for naught. That Eugene is just a MacGuffin.

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    1. Yeah, I figured from ep. 2 that Bob has been bit. Why else would he walk away like that. Only the fear of dying would make you do that. Sad that Bob’s gone. I was rooting for their (Sasha) relationship.

      I have not seen The Wire! I know, I know, I’m the worst.

      If Eugene is like the “hope”, personally, I am not too invested on it. I think Abraham is just desperately trying to pitch this DC thing just to keep them moving. And I think that’s him showing how scared he is. Did you see him boss Rosita and Eugene? I wonder if we’ll ever see their story before coming across the group. Gah!

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  2. I was happy and sad at the same time whilst watching the series. When he called himself Tainted Meat, it just expressed such emotions that he’s not that worthy type of meat, calling himself meat as though he felt himself he was on death row.
    Great show, great episode and definitely awesome character! Sad to see him go.

    Also, Carl dies next episode. 🙂


      1. Hell yeah Gareth is cute. He’s like that boyfriend you have a love/hate relationship with. And if you’re Gareth, yeah you’re cute. Unless you straight up eat human meat, then maybe not…? Haha


      2. I like my human meat, don’t judge me woman! And atm got a beard growing that I need to get rid off, so not so hairless like the picture. *sighh*


      3. You need an intervention! I’ll probably have to take you in a vegan farm or something to purge you from your meat cravings. Haha.

        A beard is just fine. But how is this beard? Is it Rick like? Haha


      4. Michonne is repressed. Beneath all that tough exterior there lies a whole list of interests. Like reading fantasy books, stand up comedy and cheeseburgers. Very deep stuff. 😉


      5. You seem like an interesting person, I like you already lol. I’m not a massive reader but wouldn’t mind, all I read these days are mostly scientific papers :'(. Cheeseburgers.. no no no no…. I need some chicken, are you a vegan? you mentioned earlier…


      6. Really? Tell me more about these scientific papers…I’m even more intrigued.

        Me? A vegan? Nothing against being vegan but I bet I eat more chicken than you do. I mentioned vegan when I thought you were a Gareth. 😉


      7. Lool, as part of University, my dissertation project needs a lot of research before I can even start. I’ve done most of it, just waiting for ethics and such to go through the comity then I can get ready and begin drawing blood from my human subjects… MUAHAHAHAHAH

        Haha I guess it would be hard to tell who eats more chicken, since I have no idea how old you are, how often you eat it.


      8. Are you trying to start a zombie apocalypse? Is that what your project is about? Hahha. Sounds hard. What is the research about?

        Hmmm. I’ve eaten nothing but chicken this week. And maybe even the entire week before. Man, that sounds unhealthy.


      9. Hahah mayyyyyybee 😛
        Basically how Iron affects the Immune System, giving my test subjects Iron supplements for 21 days, then taking blood and salivary samples 5 times over that test period.

        Ohh I love chicken, seems like you’ll start growing chicken wings if you eat it most days. And yes you win!


      10. Arabic, Filipino and Spanish, hmm pretty diverse. Since you’ve decided I’m Gareth, I guess I’ll give you a name… Michonne? Nahh, Lori, Carol, Andrea?? Nah, Nah, Nah.

        How about… Maggie, I like Maggie! She’s cute!

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      11. Yeah I think I can handle a sword. I think I’ll be decent with a sword vs. A gun. Yeah, my poor vision agrees more with melee weapon.

        Growing some balls and a beard/moustache. Yeah I’ve always liked Glenn. Never thought he was a wimp though. I think he’s reliable since the beginning.


      12. Yeahh agreed, there were points he nearly got killed. I just think he’s a lucky lad for getting Maggie! Ohh she’s so hot ❤

        Haha poor vision xD they are usually the first to go… RIP!


      13. Hah survival 101, if you ever watched Scooby Doo, you are Velma.
        *Accidentally bumps into someone*
        *glasses fall*
        *kneels down*
        *hears a crack*
        then walkers eat your butt


      14. If I’m a walker Id go for the legs first and work my way up. But I guess you dont have much choice if you’re a walker.

        Do squats? That’s like an invitation for a walker to gnaw my butt. Haha. I’m very attached to my butt thank you very much.


      15. Haha If I ever became a walker, I’d start with the neck, second best part! Then work my way down.

        Squats are a mans best friend, if you want to run away from walkers, you better start working that butt out.


      16. I could probably be a walker/vamp hybrid. It would be pretty sweet, being immortal and eating butts allll dayyyyy longgg! 😀

        Hmm, how about 10×4 with 30 second break? That would get you ready.


      17. A walker vamp hybrid? How would that go. Like your a walker that only walks at night? Are you more walker or vampire? Hmmm, I’m guessing you’re a butt guy. Haha. That would be hilarious if there is a walker that only eats butts.

        10×4? Man, my butt would look good in skinny jeans.


      18. Hmm, let me think about this, the Idea of being a walker vampire hybrid is definitely awesome. I think I’d be able to just stay in one place, possibly act dead or sleeping during the day while I walk and kick some living butts at night. The best thing about it is I could also make a camp fire, look up at the sky and enjoy the night stars, and chill with all my walker-homies.

        Haha yeah, butt guy lol and skinny jeans ftw.


      19. Why would you need to act dead? Your half Walker. You’re practically dead. And does being a hybrid make you susceptible to other walkers?

        Skinny jeans ftw? It’s like a torture chamber for thighs.


      20. LOL I meant like if any humans came and found the coffin, they wouldn’t suspect, they’d know that I wouldn’t need a bullet in me, instead just walk on by. And being an Hybrid would make me stronger, e.g. Wesley Snipes in Blade, the vampire film.

        Lool, I don’t personally wear skinny jeans, so I wouldn’t know hah


      21. You’ll be a glittering monster in the daytime! Haha. Why do you think animals in TWD are immune to the zombie strain? It’s not like in other zombie movies, like I am Legend. Didnt his dog turn?

        Wearing skinny jeans is like having a second layer of skin that traps your sweat.


      22. In I Am Legend, the dog turned, however animals must have some kind of immunity to it. Maybe they’re not classed as sentient beings capable of communication so they’re just carriers, plus AMC would have to spend money training a dog to act like a zombie lol.

        Skinny jeans attracts all the boys to the backyard. Just like milkshakes.


  3. Abraham is a very goal-oriented leader, so I think that’s generally why Rosita and Eugene follow him. He knows what needs to be done, and what needs to be done is the greater good. But at the same time, he does have compassion and gives into side missions once in a while – like when they went back for Glenn and Tara when the two were stuck in the tunnel. I just don’t see any bad in him yet…and I’m hoping I won’t ever have to! And Maggie, yeah we have already talked about Maggie. I’m just thoroughly disappointed with her right now.

    I’m surprised Bob didn’t say anything about how in his previous groups, he always had to suffer being the last one alive and am now happy that he doesn’t have to see his friends all die one by one. I was waiting for that, I really was. I guess he ain’t trying to see the brighter side of things anymore.


    1. I think it was Eugene that convinced them to go back for Glenn and Tara and I think it was mostly because Eugene liked Tara, but she said she likes girls.

      I don’t think Abraham is particularly bad or good. I think at a time like the apocalypse being bad or good isn’t enough anymore. But I think Abraham has saved Rosita and Eugene more than a few times. I want more Rosita actually, I like her.


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