Happening At Present – We Can’t Stop Talking About The Walking Dead!! Gah!!!

One of my really good friends here in WordPress Supdarling and I have been talking about The Walking Dead non-stop. She’s finally watched the latest episode and speculations are being thrown around here and there.


Supdarling talks about food, alot. And Anime!

And also, I’d like to mention one other TWD fan, who I’m recently following, and has one of the prettiest blogs here ever. Follow Verybangled if you like accessorizing. So many pretty pictures! I want all the bangles.


Look how pretty! From: verybangled.com


From: verybangled.com

So if you’re a TWD fan, join us. The more the merrier! Who do we hate? Who are we most loyal too? How cute is Baby Judith? Who is going to die next? Gah! Let’s fill this gaping hole while waiting for the next episode!



  1. Oh you are too cute! Thank you for linking me. I just followed Supdarling. I love that your readers will go looking at my blog to see my most recent post… Hoping maybe for zombies and it’s all about IVF! Yay! They are all going to be “Heyyyyy yah, no. This is not what I signed up for.” I promise, it’s an exception to my usual posts.


  2. To address your questions tho, how on earth do they survive carrying around a crying baby? Judith is such a death trap. Or she’s the first silent baby ever. It’s interesting to think about the psychological effects not being allowed to cry will have on her. Will she develop speech if they must constantly shush her?


      1. Yeah! Like where are the other people. Cant wait for them to get to DC. Im sick of seeing the woods. But I guess it would be harder to get food and stuff.

        So many intriguing questions. Like is there an existing government. Is the president a walker. Ah!!

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      2. Yes and no. She does compromise the safety of the group. Just imagine her finally learning how to walk. Shed be running around trying to get herself killed. But then shes Ricks kid so she has that going for her.

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      3. At this point Rick would straight up break if either Karl or Judith were killed. Which means they’d be unkillable because nobody would watch a broken Rick. He’s come to the brink before, and it was just so unbareable.


  3. Thanks for the love! Hopefully I will be able to use TWD discussions to curb my need for spoilers…hopefully. So now that we’re here, I’m just going to throw it out there – does anyone else think that D.C. is going to be another dud just like the C.D.C. back in Atlanta?


    1. I think so. I’m still waiting/hoping for them to pass through Macon and maybe some of the characters from the tell tale universe would show up.

      I don’t think DC is going to happen anytime soon. Maybe Beth is in DC? Where are they anyway?


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