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TWD just got spoiled for me!! Not entirely but still!!! Gah! This is why I don’t Twitter!!! My insides are like melting with the knowledge that I just learnt. This is way worse than that time that I found out that a portion of the lady parts tear during childbirth and I was like, “nope!”

Gah! This is my adult life in a nutshell. Stop giving me judgy eyes!



      1. I think I became spoiled with TWD. I actually started watching it (and become addicted) very recently. Since I marathon’ed through Seasons 1-4 over a single weekend, I never had to really do any waiting in order to find out what happens next. And now with Season 5 when I actually have to wait out a week…I swear, I’m suffering!

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      2. Oh man, this is about to get embarrassing :/ i watch soooo much TV right. Supernatural, How to Get Away with Murder, Forever, Selfie, Arrow, Castle, Bones, Once Upon A Time, Brooklyn 99. I got into almost all of them by binge watching, now I forget what days they’re on, wait a couple of weeks then watch a few in a row. On Netflix I’m alternating between Gillmore Girls and XFiles.


      3. I am also watching Selfie and Brooklyn 99. That show is too funny. How is How To Get Away With Murder? All I know is that Viola Davis is there and the kid who played Dean in the HP films.

        Man, I wish I have Netflix.

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      4. Well, I thought I would adore HTGAWM, but it really drags with repeated flashforwards that just keep covering the same ground week to week. I like Forever better. I was even thinking about posting about it πŸ™‚

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