Book Reviewing and Books

The sweetest person sent me an email saying that my blog post about the Stephanie Perkins books – that I recently read – was both informative and honest. She recommended that I post more book reviews and probably set up a separate book review blog. Now, I don’t know about creating a separate account altogether, but I am definitely going to put up more book reviews in the future. This is a fairly new blog anyway so maybe that’s why I haven’t thought of posting more book related posts.

So I looked into this whole book reviewing thing and apparently there are a lot of sites that offer free books for review. I definitely want to receive free books, whether they are well known authors or not and regardless of genre. But, I feel that I haven’t proven myself to be an accurate book reviewer so I haven’t filled out any application, but I will in the future, maybe.

If any of you are affiliated to a certain publishing company that hires book reviewers, I would love to hear from you, just so that I can learn more about it and I can study it. And if you’re a book reviewer, I would love to follow your blog and also hear your opinion and just be my guide. Because I love books, and I love to talk about books a buttload.

So like this, comment on this, and I would check you out (in a very non sexual manner, unless you want to) and hopefully we can talk too! And if you’re a writer, please like this too because I am always in the hunt for new authors to read!


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