Weird Wednesdays – Your Halloween Movie Marathon Playlist Part Tres

So week 3 of Halloween Movie Playlist. How many of the movies I included have you seen? None? Scared? I get it. But if you’re feeling braver you can check the previous posts (1, 2).

Someone asked me one time, have YOU seen all of these? And I looked at him like he was crazy, and said, “NO!” But knowing that there are weird movies like these tingles my brain. How fudged up are these people?

11. Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (2009)

Origin: Japan

11 blackface

I actually saw this one thinking that it will scare the pants off me. But this is some super weird, low budget gore film. It’s like a gory parody of Twilight. In your typical Japanese High School, an immortal vampire attends because, I don’t know! If you’re a vampire stuck in your teens for all eternity I really wouldn’t bother with High School. Haven’t they heard of home school? So anyway, vampire girl’s blood was used to re-animate a young girls corpse, hence the Frankenstein girl. But the weirdest part of all in this movie was there was a girl in black face. Why?! Please see this movie. It’s sooo bad, it’s awesome.

12. A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003)

Origin: South Korea


This gained mainstream popularity which is a true testament to how good Koreans are with their psycho-thrillers. It’s hard to describe this film without spoiling anything and this is one of those movies that you just have to watch without knowing anything. In terms of scary it’s going to get, if you managed to sit through Ju-on, then this one’s cake.

13. Sigaw (2004)

Origin: Philippines


Sigaw or scream in English was a box office hit in The Philippines. So big Hollywood actually made a remake. A Bachelor savors his independence in his new apartment. His rent is cheap, his girlfriend occasionally sees him, life is sweet. He then discovers that he shares the floor with a jealous psycho cop that beats up his wife quite often. He would wake up in the middle of the night by screams from next door. Thinking he should help, he soon discovered something that literally haunted him for the rest of his life.

14. Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

Origin: Japan


Sounds simple enough. The movie is set in Tokyo, there is gore and there are police involved. Sexy sexy police. In a future dystopic Japan, a mad scientist has created a virus that when infected will mutate the human into a ravaging monster creature. To rid the streets of these monsters, a task force known as Tokyo Gore Police is set out to deal with them. The Tokyo Gore Police does not hold back in the pain, because well, they are not dealing with humans anyway. And when I say gore, I really really mean gore.

15. To Sir, With Love aka Bloody Reunion (2006)

Origin: South Korea


South Korea does not make a lot of slasher horror films, but when they do, man, it’s really bloody. A group of childhood friends get together after a long time in their former teacher’s house. What greeted them was a bunny masked killer who may be the imprisoned deformed child of their old teacher. Man this is blooody, like super bloody.




  1. Your blurb on the vampire girl one is too funny. Every day I’m thankful I’m not in high school, and if I were immortal? Hell no with a side of peas. It’s also kind of creepy to think of these old people hooking up with teenagers. If you are 120 years old, don’t you think a relationship with a 16 year old might be a bit boring?


      1. I watched a YouTube tutorial but I found it really hard. I blame it on the lack of conviction. I have so much respect for people who make those incredible gifs. Specially the 3D ones. Its like magic.


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