The Walking Dead – Strangers


I’m upset because I slaved over a post about the second episode of The Walking Dead, only to have it disappear out of thin air. What gives WordPress?!

Anyway. Here’s my second attempt. The Walking Dead. Season 5. Episode 2. Let’s do this!

There are spoilers up ahead, but you had daysss to watch the episode already so you should be up to speed already!


Before we get down to the nitty gritty, how BAD ASS is that opening scene with Rick and the others behind him, walking all gangsta and slo mo? Thank you David Boyd!

This episode is a the “let’s catch our breathe for a second…” episode after the adrenalin high premiere. There is a lot of talking in this episode which is good to be done with early on in the season. The ringing theme of this episode is forgive and forget. Not exactly in that order or even together. But yeah, forgive AND forget.

Rick and Maggie forgives Tara, understanding that she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Carl forgives his father for being a brooding farmer for almost an entire season. Tyreese along with the rest forgives Carol for performing her own version of burning man. Even if it’s left unmentioned (yet), Rick forgives his cheating dead wife and best friend. But probably the most important of all is Rick and Carol purging the past and coming together not as former allies reuniting, but as equals, with Rick saying, “Will you have us?” Meaning he sees her as a leader of her own. I love moments like this! Carol is the most evolved out of everyone in the group and I am with her all the way!

Forget was thrown out in this episode several times, mostly by Carol. We never did find out what happened to her after being banished by Rick and apparently everyone wants to know, especially Daryl. Carol doesn’t want to discuss this, even with Rick. Is it is as evil as the man eating people of Terminus? Frankly, I don’t want to find out just yet.

Speaking of Carol being evil. Remember when she gunned a kid? I would have totally done the same by the way, and is it was no different from when Carl killed Shane or when Daryl killed Meryl. But Tyreese doesn’t want to talk about it because he wants to forget it. And I am totally on board with this. No one wants to know what happened to those kids. We have Judith. That’s the only kid we need to worry about.


We then meet Father Gabriel. Rick is awfully suspicious of this bible loving dude. Rick has been through some tough shit and he doesn’t let anyone past him anymore.

“Nowadays, people are just as dangerous as the dead.”
“No. They’re worse.”

What Terminus has taught us is that, it’s easy to avoid the dead, but the people that are still alive, man. They are capable of worse worse things.

Speaking of people capable of worse things. Gareth and a handful of Terminus folks – including that guy that Tyreese supposedly killed back in that shack –  are back. How they caught up with the others after almost a day of head start, I don’t know. But that makes them even more dangerous because they can also creep up on people, and maybe one of them may be as good as Daryl in tracking.


At the end of the day…a man’s got to eat

There was the calm before the storm. After scoring a major loot at a water clogged Walker infested food bank, everyone dines on canned beans and unblessed church wine. Abraham makes a speech with only one intention, to get everyone on board with Washington. He knows that everyone is loyal to Rick because being loyal to Rick means sticking together. And with everyone forming relationships left and right, no one wants to be separated. Rick is on board with Washington. Which only means it’s not going to happen anytime soon in this season.

Carol though is not on board with Washington, in fact she wants to leave the group altogether. What gives Carol? What have you done? Are you scared that you’re going to burn more people and this time eat them? Don’t do this to us Carol! Daryl convinces Carol to stay. “We need to start over, all of us with each other”. But before they could go too far, a speeding car with a white cross at the back passes them. Daryl recognizes this as the same car that abducted Beth. So the two of them go after it.

Another twist is a very emotional Bob moving away from the group during their feast. Has Bob been bit and he wants to off himself away from others? Away from Sasha? Before we get our questions answered, Gareth reappears, abducting Bob and if you think they’re going to eat him. Well, just a part of him for now. Just his leg.


So here’s my theory. Bob got bit during supply hunting then Gareth unintentionally saves his life by hacking off the infected leg. Sounds good? OR Bob got so messed up that Sasha saved him and not the other way around. Let me know what you think.

I don’t like it when the group separates. It’s just harder to keep up with the stories that way. And that’s just how the episode ends, with them being separated, again.

All in all season 2 was ok and a good introduction to what’s going to happen next in the next episode.

Next Episode Spoilers: Gareth rebuilds Terminus but this time starting slow by opening a stall, selling bits and pieces of Bob and calling them BOB-ber-que or Shish Ka BOB. Herschel comes back only to beat Bob in a one-legged-race.



  1. I think Carol really was shocked at Rick kicking her out earlier and saw it as betrayal. I think she knew she would probably expected some repercussions, but not to be left out in the cold completely. If I was oust once before, I don’t think I’d want to go back and join hands with everyone around the campfire anymore – even if I felt enough for them to save them. I seriously hope she didn’t go all Terminus on her own when she was away. And now Bob…the single thing that left me so freaking unsettled during that episode. I want answers and I want answers bad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that Carol turned so bad ass that she doesn’t want to be around the group in fear that it might weird them out too much. Killing became so easy for her. Or for the most part.

      Yeah! I’m a day late in seeing the episodes. But I get to see it later! Waaah!


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