(Oh!) Dear Dora – How Do Weirdo’s Date?


Dear Dora,

I’m a recent follower and what I love most about your blog is the Weird Wednesday’s segment. Someone sent me a link to one of your WW post and said that I’m not the only one. Which I take it means I’m not alone with my weird thoughts, I guess.
The thing is, I love being a weirdo and don’t get me wrong I think it’s fine and I embrace it whenever someone calls me weird or crazy or different. But I think it’s limiting the type of people, especially guys, that I meet and be friends with.
I’m at that age where I want to date more seriously and sometimes it’s harder being the way I am, dating wise. I don’t know if you feel the same. And if you are how do you go about that?
Sorry for the bother.

Another Weirdo.

Dear Another Weirdo,

First of all you are awesome! For a number of things. One you are admittedly a weirdo and you follow my blog. What do the kids say nowadays? The feels? Yeah, the feels!

I’m glad that you like Weird Wednesdays. It’s my favorite segment to write for too. In most days I just stare into space thinking of another way to (hopefully) blow people’s minds with a Weird Wednesdays post. I’m glad that you’re a fan.

I get what you mean by “limiting the type of people, especially guys, that I meet and be friends with”. I think what you mean is that your weirdness is limiting you to the number of people who can relate to you and who you can relate with. I have been exactly like this for most of my life, content to the idea that I am just an outsider. It was only in college did I make the conscious effort to actually make friends. But anyway, we have the internet now, we get to choose our own weirdos!

I think weirdo or not, dating is hard. It is. I think it’s just hard for everybody and it has nothing to do with your weirdness. I think it’s just the more we grow up the more different are our expectations get from our life and the people we surround ourselves with. The more that time is limited for us, what with work or school, or hobbies etc. we just can’t seem to find the time to either meet new people and if we do we want it to be worth our time. Which is very subjective in it’s entirety.



My dating history is very short. I dated two guys, both lasted for a really long time and both ended quite amicably. We didn’t share the same hobbies or we didn’t like Tolkien with the same burning passion. We were compatible in many other different ways and I had a meaningful relationship with them. The weirdness does get in the way sometimes, but only if you let it. The things you love, the things that you are passionate about, it will only be a hindrance if you let it. How important is it for you to share the common interests? That is something that you have to explore.

As for making friends, the internet is full of weirdos! Trust me, I have friends here in WordPress who would happily call you as their friend. And each and everyone have their specific weirdness.

Celebrate your weirdness!

Hope this helped!

❤ Dora


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