A Song Of Ice And Fire Book Club Anyone?


I'm a Stark through and through

I’m a Stark through and through

Sometimes I forget that people that watch Game of Thrones do not read the books which makes them forget that the book series is not called Game of Thrones but A Song of Ice and Fire series. I know, I should calm down, but it’s important to me, okay?

Read the first book, Game of Thrones, months before the TV series came out back in 2011. Loved the first book but the it took me a while to get my hands on the second book. So I have since then fallen in and out of trying to read the books because it was majorly eclipsed by the TV series.


The good thing about a big budgeted series like Game of Thrones is that it takes a while before they release a new season, so you have plenty of time to play catch up. Same goes for the book series, George is certainly taken his time to release the next book and even when it does finally hit the stands (has it come out yet?), it’s supposed to center on the history of Westeros. So it’s really more of a companion novel? I’m not sure. I don’t speak for the truth, I am merely regurgitating news. I’m sure you have other blogs to look into for that. Speaking of, any blogs around here reviewing Game of Thrones episodes? Let me know. I would like to follow you.


This is such a bad ass episode.

So anyway, I stopped watching and reading the books. Which is kind of nuts because I really really love the story (both books and TV show). So I decided to fall back into it and also catch up on the show before the next season.

This month, I am going to re read Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings, which are the (only) books I have read so far. Trust me, a lot happens in 2 books. The second book is like 800+ pages long, it’s a beast. And another challenge is to read the other books in the series that I already own and then buy the rest.

If you’re not reading the book series, I totally get it. But if you dig fantasy and you love Tolkien, then this is your bag! Make time for this!

As for the TV show, it’s already too popular that I shouldn’t even have to pimp it. But if I have to, all I can say that it has incest, naked boobies, dismembering, blood – lots of it and dragons. It has freaking dra-gons! 

HBO-Game-of-Thrones-Dragons-GIF-3 (1)

Anyone up for A Song of Ice and Fire book club? Let me know! We can bear the anxiety together!

P.S. The show also has Direwolves!!



  1. The next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series is The Winds of Winter, and there’s no info on when it will be released, but insider rumors say it’ll be next year.

    The next book to be published is a history Westeros, not a novel, so it’s kind of a companion to the series.


      1. I’d also recommend Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller trilogy (there’s only two books out so far, though.) The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. He has some great world-building, with a sense of history and a very well thought out magic system


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