Weird Wednesdays – Your Halloween Movie Marathon Playlist Part Dos

It’s kind of stupid to call your blog post Weird Wednesdays when you keep posting stuff on a Thursday. But that is just the kind of out of the ordinary weirdness and redundancy that you will find in this blog.

Last week, I force fed you 5 Asian horror movies that you can watch while you think of the perfect Halloween costume. As promised, I am serving up 5 more to add to your playlist. Enjoy!

6. Suicide Club (2001)

Origin: Japan



Ever seen that campy movie of Rachael Leigh Cook called Josie and The Pussycats? No? So I guess you we’re not a 14-year-old girl in 2001?

Suicide Club bears the same premise which doesn’t mean it’s not as scary and weird as it should be. It is. It is very very weird. A famous band called Dessert puts subliminal messages in their music that apparently urges listeners to kill themselves. The movie starts off with a group of 14-year-old girls, singing (a Dessert song) hand-in-hand in a train platform and then jumps off together as the speeding train rushes by. You know what happens next.

7. Dumplings (2004)

Origin: Hong Kong


In a world where looks are deemed most important, an insecure middle aged lady and a former actress seeks to find a way to halt her aging. She goes to a well known local chef for help. This chef cooks her up some dumplings that when devoured will increase her sex drive and will give her a younger appearance. The middle aged lady believer her right away as this ‘chef’ is a 63-year-old lady that has the appearance of a 30-year-old. And she says, she owes it to her cannibalism. Oh yeah, the dumplings are stuffed with aborted fetuses.

8. Pridyider (2012)

Origin: Philippines


A young girl comes home from abroad to an empty house that she inherited from her parents. The whole place is empty except for an old school looking refrigerator. Evil comes out from the refrigerator. A perfect thing to own when you’re looking to seriously diet.

9. The Maid (2005)

Origin: Singapore


A newly employed maid arrives from the Philippines, arrives in Singapore on the first day of the Chinese Ghost Month (seventh month). While serving her employers she suddenly started having visions and nightmare. She discovered that the maid before her died. She saw her ashen remains in a jar in the house. Esther’s spirit called upon her and showed her the vision of how and why she was killed. She tries to escape the family only to find out that they are ghosts.

10. Coming Soon (2008)

Origin: Thailand


Shomba will creep you the F out! I hate this movie. Like hate, because it was really scary. Not scary scary. Just watch it. In the daylight.



  1. I watched Josie and The Pussycats, hah! I can’t believe there are other people in the world who has also watched it.

    Dumplings remind me of two Chinese horror movies I watched as a kid. The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story is Hong Kong movie about cannibalism as well – the Chinese name of the movie (Yan Yuk Cha Siu Bao) literally translates to “Human meat pork bun.” The movie is allegedly based on a true crime that occurred in the 80s.

    The second movie it reminded me of is called Human Lanterns, and in this one, the antagonist uses human skin to make lanterns.

    If you ever decide to check either of those out, let me know! I don’t watch much horror movies anymore, but watched a bunch of them when I was younger because my parents liked them.


    1. I still have my VCD copy of Josia and the Pussycats. Don’t ask. It was a phase. Haha.
      I will TRY to see those two movies. I still have a lot on my to watch list (none of them horror, so that could mean something) but I will see if I can get a copy. Asian movies are soo weird. Maybe it’s a culture thing?


      1. Also if you ever want some Weird Wednesday ideas, I suggest you check out Kill la Kill! It is an anime show, but will get you all wtf’d pretty soon – but in a good way, at least in my opinion. I just finished watching the series recently and hope to write about it when I get a chance!


  2. If you don’t end up watching them, it technically won’t be a bad thing since you will save yourself from all that…weirdness. And yes, it IS an Asian thing. But Western movies and shows get to me, too. I need to tell you about my American Horror Story attempt!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve watched Suicide Club and its message was really good. Setting aside the bloodbath. Haha. Shomba (from Coming Soon) was really scary! I’ll slap her when I met her. Haha. I don’t know with Pridyider though. They said it was a flop.


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