The Walking Dead After Sesh – No Sanctuary (Mucho Spoilers!)

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The Walking Dead is back and I am a happy crying mess! Need therapy after episode even the Talking Dead can’t fill? Well, me too. 

All the media blackout was worth it. But even if the first episode of season 5 of The Walking Dead have been spoiled for me, I would have still reacted the very same way. Which is, screaming myself hoarse, crying, screaming myself hoarse, and then crying again.

There are spoilers ahead so watch the episode already! There is a lot to talk about!


When we last leave the happy gang, they got shoved in a train car by a bunch of idiots who clearly, don’t know that “they’re screwing with the wrong people” Some of you would interject and would only assume that the group’s survival is simply because they are the “stars” of the show. But let’s all remember that Terminus was brought down by one woman. But we’ll get to her in a minute.

I actually expected the whole season to revolve around Terminus, ala Woodbury style. But the so called sanctuary was instantly run down on the first episode, thanks of course to Carol. Despite the immediate strip down, Terminus played a very important part of the show and I must say, I’m going to miss it. It’s where they got reunited and it’s where Rick re-establishes his leadership role.


cue best friends theme song

People still turn to Rick, and Daryl still has his back. But now Rick wants to start killing people instead of Walkers and Glenn is not having it saying, “We are still who we are”. But can you really blame Rick? After all the Governor put them through? And these “people” are cannibals! They are luring people into Terminus and EAT-ING them.

Carol, Tyreese and Baby Judith caught one of the Terminus guys talking to someone on a walkie about a “chick with a sword” and a “kid with a hat”. That could be anyone of course. But in a world where you assume everyone you know is dead, Carol clues in (or hopes) that they have Michonne and Carl captive and more importantly, alive. Carol, Ramboes up, rubbed Walker gunk on herself, armed with a gun and a bunch of fireworks she sets to find her friends, telling the softened up Tyreese, “I’m going to kill people” which is super bad-ass.


Team Carol

We can all agree that this is Carol’s moment. Apparently you can still level up from killing a kid (Lizzie went psycho!) by walking (it was such a long wait) your way through a secure compound armed to the teeth. Of course the Walkers helped.

The rest of the guys got out and Carol and the group reunited in the woods. Daryl being the first to recognize Carol, gave her a tearful hug but all I really want Carol to do is to show Rick that Judith is still alive. Rick needs a break man! Yes, like Harry is Dumbledore’s man through and through, I am Rick’s woman through and through. Rick has his faults but c’mon, he still ends up saving the day anyway, or in this case Carol did. Minor technicality.



Rick runs to baby Judith which reminded me of my favorite episode in season 1 (Tell It To The Frogs), where Rick is reunited with a still very young Carl and still very alive Lori after waking from a coma only to find the world has gone to shit. Since then, The Walking Dead world has come a long way. From finding a way to survive the Walkers, they are now killing people and letting the humans live, which is very very very, dark.


The episode ends with the re-emerging of Morgan. We last saw Morgan in season 3, barely sane after the death of his son Duane (I assume). Morgan appears to be well, donning a mask and then removing it, which made me go, OOOOOOHHH MAAAYY GAAAWWD!! The scene fades out with Morgan following a trail of markings on some trees which resembles the X-Men logo.

Next Episode Spoilers: Morgan is in league with THE X-Men. Turns out Beast came up with the cure that they are first going to test out on Professor X. He’s old, he’s lived a great life.



      1. Oh men. I’m excited for the next episode. There’s more to come! I’ve read that Fr. Gabriel Stokes will be introduced in the next episode. This show’s getting better. (Have you read TWD comics?)


  1. I’M CAUGHT UP! It took me a little more than a weekend; I amazed myself with my TV watching skills. I loved the reunion, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I also love the new characters they introduced. The prison attack HAD to have happened man, it was the only way to permanently end the Woodbury saga. I don’t think anyone left in this group is a Woodbury survivor – not like Tyreese or Sasha who briefly had a stint in Woodbury, but someone who actually lived there. Those folks needed to be wiped out for some reason, that’s the feeling I had when I saw the ending of the Season 5 premiere, with Rick’s group (none from Woodbury) walking away after Terminus got destroyed.

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