Happening At Present – Chris Brake Show – Warren Rodwell Interview

The Chris Brake guys have become really good friends – especially John –  here on WordPress. Their latest episode was an interview with Warren Rodwell, an Australian who got kidnapped for 15 months in The Philippines.

I’m not going to talk too much about who Mr. Rodwell is and the details of his kidnapping because the guys over at The Chris Brake Show have talked about that in length in their interview. Just click the picture to listen to the episode. It’s like an hour. Take a break from your binge watching of The Good Wife and listen to this.



Obviously, this interview really hits home. Whenever I hear something negative about my country, I go 1.) very disappointed and 2.) really really sick to my stomach. I’m not even going to talk about the Abu Sayyaf. You can Google that in your own time because I am not going on a rant about those idiots and give them more exposure. All you need to know is that they are really bad people that happen to share the same country as me, and that it is unfortunate that I am associated to them by some biological accident.

I love my country, I really do. But when I hear something like this, like a really sweet sounding guy who just wants to make a good time of his retirement in another country and then gets kidnapped and possibly traumatized for the rest of his life, I want to disassociate myself from The Philippines. And that’s something you can’t do, or else everyone of us would be changing nationalities on a monthly basis. Except maybe Austrians, I think those guys are doing well.

It was a little hard to listen for me, not gonna lie, because there’s this bitter truth that hey, our nation is a real asshole. I mean, get it together Philippines! But I swear we are not all assholes. I mean I am sometimes. I have a little road rage in me, but I don’t drive anyway so…

The real take away from this post is that the guys over at The Chris Brake Show are worth all the listen. And if you’re not already listening by now, then maybe you should.



  1. Honored to have you writing about our interview with Warren Rodwell! Thank you very much.

    Had you heard about this story before you listened to our episode? Apparently there was a media blackout so it sounds like most people in the Philippines and Australia weren’t told about this story until it was over with.

    Don’t think bad about the Philippines because of this! There’s a lot of cool folks there, just a few crazies thrown in the mix too I guess. You’ll find the same type of thing here in America.


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    1. No I have not heard of him. They usually keep this thing under wraps to also protect the person. But I will be looking out for Warren’s book, I don’t think he mentioned any release date in your interview.

      Philippines is still pretty awesome in my book. Anyway, it was such a great interview!

      Regards to Chris, because he did mention that he doesn’t interact with the folks online.

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      1. Yeah the release date for the book is “October / November 2014” I think, so hopefully it will come out soon.

        When are you going to write a book, Dora??

        I’ll give Chris your regards!



      2. I hope I can get my hands on a copy of his book.

        I am (trying) writing something that hopefully turns to a book. And at the same time working on a screenplay. And the goal is to have time for writing full time. So yeah, hope that happens.

        And say hi to Sarah too!

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      3. Definitely let us know when your book comes out!

        Aren’t you working on a screenplay with David Beecroft? Or did I make that up?

        I will tell Sarah hi as well, she comes back Thursday! She was on vacation for a couple weeks.


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      4. Awesome, we’d love to read your book! I’ll keep pestering you about it periodically, if that helps.

        You and David certainly should collaborate, that would be a good read as well. Maybe you can post some of it in your blog or something?



    2. If so desired, you may care to make connect direct with Warren Rodwell through Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. There was a media blackout imposed by both the Australian and Philippine governments for the duration of the kidnap. However, full details surrounding the Rodwell kidnapping in Mindanao are available in the (CSP) hardcover and Kindle (Amazon) book editions below.

      NON FICTION BOOK (Biography) by Bob East PhD (Independent Researcher)
      “472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf – The Survival of Australian Warren Rodwell”


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  2. • Men and women who choose to live dangerously and on the
    edge, must expect the unexpected to happen. In any event, it all makes for
    scintillating reading for the arm chair enthusiast, seeking clearer insight into
    the inside workings of major events.

    • NON FICTION BOOK (Biography) by Bob East PhD (Independent
    Researcher) : “472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf – The Survival of
    Australian Warren Rodwell”

    This book first published 2015

    Lady Stephenson Library, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2PA,
    United Kingdom

    British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data
    ISBN (10): 1-4438-7058-7
    ISBN (13): 978-1-4438-7058-0


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