A Random Favorite Fridays Post

I normally don’t post anything on a Friday because it’s the only day of the week I am not forced to go to work and I like to not think and just watch YouTube clips all day. But I have been loving a lot of stuff lately that I thought I’d share them. Here we go.

1. Broad City (TV series)


Abbi and Ilana are my dream best friends. They’re New Yorkers, they’re hilarious, they listen to Lil Wayne and they smoke pot like it’s no big.

Broad City is a comedy series that airs in Comedy Central. It revolves around the lives of two twenty plus-year-old’s trying to survive in the best city of the world, New York. I of course have never been to New York (but I wish I live there!) but by just watching this series I somehow feel like I am living in New York. And not your F.R.I.E.N.D.S version of New York either. Broad City displays the worries of disgusting roommates, sucky day jobs and sleeping around with hunky dudes that do improv as a hobby.

I watched all 10 episodes of Season 1 in like 2 days. And you have plenty of time to catch up if you’re not already watching this beautiful piece of TV history. You can watch all episodes for free (thanks Comedy Central) – and then you can watch old uploads on their YouTube channel – and I suggest you watch them and read the re-caps hilariously done by Danielle Henderson from Vulture. And that is basically what I have been doing re-watching Broad City and reading re-caps. I am an adult.

Best TV opening of all time, maybe.

2. Comedy Albums

I love stand up and it’s such a shame that I only get to see them online. I want to see a stand up LIVE! But seeing as that’s not going to happen any time soon I am feeding this gaping hole in my heart by listening to comedy albums.

I just recently got into comedy albums, I’m not particularly fond of audio books and I thought that I’m going to feel the same with comedy albums. I used to think that for comedy to work, I have to see the performers intention all the time. But the great thing about stand up is that it’s all about the jokes and the execution of the jokes and the following certainly delivered (emphasis on the d) in just crazy crazy levels.

2.1 Hannibal Buress Live From Chicago


Hannibal has been in some 30 Rock episodes and that’s where I first saw him. But he got my attention as Ilana’s somewhat boyfriend in Broad City (now I’m starting to think that everything is about Broad City). Hannibal has been a writer in SNL and in 30 Rock and has done a lot of stand up in a lot of US late night talk shows. Look him up, he’s got a lot of YouTube clips.

My favorite joke from this special is when Hannibal went to London and got in trouble for kicking around bags near a Subway. He was then told off by security guard. The hilarious thing about this joke is the way he tried to make a British accent happen, thinking that the word ‘literally’ only exists in the British vocabulary. Then later on apologizing for his bad British accent: “Listen I don’t do a good British accent. You hear it, I heart it, let’s not dwell on that shit too much.”

2.2 John Mulaney The Top Part


John Mulaney has become one of my favorite comedians of all time. When I found out that this guy is the half of the writing team that is to blame for Stefon, the best SNL Weekend Update correspondent, I started to watch all of his specials. Mulaney has also landed a new TV show that airs in Fox that has a very Seinfield-esque feel so listening to his comedy album, The Top Part, is a great accompaniment while waiting for the next episode.

My favorite joke from this special is the story about John’s favorite meal at The Salt and Pepper Diner. I’m not even going to get into it. Just listen to it.

3. Louis C.K. Stand Up Special Shameless


Louis C.K. is easily my favorite comedian. His comedy is a dark commentary on life, about how being divorced is better for him and all other hilarities. His stand up special, Shameless, where a still married Louis talks about the most depressing hand job of all time. It’s so dark, I can’t even watch him tell the joke.

Obviously Louis C.K. has done a lot better stuff since this special but what makes this stand up so good is him talking about how his baby is not even that special and how he nearly killed his kid with an exhaust pipe. I have no doubt that he loves his kids, but him calling his 4-year-old daughter an asshole was just priceless!

If you haven’t seen any Louis C.K. first of all, WHY?! and second, you can correct that by watching this special.

4. American Horror Story Freakshow


American Horror Story had a very rocky start. Season 1 was passable. Season 2, I don’t even want to comment on season 2. Season 3 was when they finally found their voice and that I was convinced that this show ain’t so bad. Their best decision was when they placed Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange in one bloody scene. But enough about season 3. AHS Freakshow, although too soon to tell with only one episode out, is going to be a good season.

Jessica Lange sticked around and played a ring leader of a freak circus. She recruits disfigured but interesting characters to perform on her freakshow. The pilot episode was fabulous. A great introduction of all the characters and some fingering action from Evan Peters. The episode ended with Jessica Lange singing a David Bowie song, so all in all a great start.


5. Barack Obama

Image: U.S. President Obama walks to speak about the Affordable Care Act at the White House in Washington

I am not an American, but I hope to someday go to America. I have no understanding of politics. But what the hell, I love Barack, I love Michelle. Get over it.

So that’s everything I’ve been favoriting this week at least. Let me know what you’re into so I can maybe get into it.



  1. I want to watch American Horror Story so bad. It’s one of those really popular shows around the water cooler that I was telling you about. But I’m such a pansy…haha, it’s one of the horror shows that I read about but have never watched.


    1. It’s quite good. I had to really push myself to watch this season because I have legit coulrophobia, which is a fear of clowns, and there is one particularly scary clown on this one. But so far, pretty tolerable. I watch it for Jessica Lange and Evan Peters of course.


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