Weird Wednesdays – Your Halloween Movie Marathon Playlist Part Uno

Halloween is almost upon us. And though Asians don’t technically, celebrate Halloween like…well, people who celebrate Halloween, we do come up with the most bat shit crazy horror movies that are supposed to scare you but also make you think “what kind of trauma did the person who came up with this went through?!” 

I’m sure the Americans and Europeans have equally bat shit crazy horror movies. Most of them reminding us that the first to always die is that lady who first takes her top off. When I watch a horror movie now and I see tits, I instantly scream, “run bitch! ruuuun!”

But this is Weird Wednesdays after all. And though some of them won’t be as weird as your per usual, they are worth the watch. Or not.

Now you may have heard of The Ring and The Grudge, but there are more Asian horror movie gems that Hollywood has not done a remake of, yet. And as we countdown the days before Halloween, here are some movies you can marathon through while you construct your home made Tampon costume.

1. Audition – (1999)

Origin: Japan


A middle-aged widower decides to date again but decides to skip the whole dating process. With the help of his film producer friend, he then sets up an “audition” for a “role” to be his “wife”. He is instantly enthralled by this one girl named Asami and even though all her references appear to be made believe, he considers her anyway. What he thought to be his new love of his life is actually a murdering psychopath that has tendencies of physically hurting the people she love by maiming them, cutting their legs with piano wire and making them eat her vomit to name a few. All in all, a total love fest.

Hair extensions

2. EXTE: Hair Extensions – (2007)

Origin: Japan

Killer hair extensions. Sounds hilarious right? But not until hair comes spiking out your every bodily orifice!

Customs discover a crate containing a large amount of human hair along with a dead body of a girl, who, after investigation, is a victim of a black market human trafficking ring. Her body is then sent to the morgue where a closet tricophile works as a night watchman. He brings her hair and body home with him and finds out, after a few days that human hair have started to grow from her dead head and various open wounds. He harvests her hair and sells them for hair extensions. Any wearer of the dead girls hair gets to relive the memories of the dead girl including the horrors of how she was killed.


3. Shutter – (2004)

Origin: Thailand

I know, I know. Hollywood has already done a remake of this but you shouldn’t give two shits about that (sorry Joshua Jackson). This original is the only Shutter worth seeing.

It’s about this vengeful spirit (DOTA 2 hollah!) who wants justice for herself from a group of boys who raped her while she was still in college. Fast forward to their adult lives and one by one the boys started to mysteriously die of suicide. When only one was left, he discovered that the suicides were influenced by the spirit of the girl. Hoping to be spared the last of the boys tried to appease her spirit. By the end of the movie he survived an otherwise fatal fall but was seen that the ghost of the girl is resting on his shoulders.


4. Sukob –  (2006)

Origin: Philippines

Sukob (Wedding Curse) is a Filipino superstition that siblings can’t get married within the same year or else the marriage will be doomed. One girl gets married not knowing that she has a half sister who also got married in the same year. Both couples get haunted by death. When people started to die left and right, the sisters learned of each others existence and decided to find each other. You thought it would be easier by just using Facebook right? After meeting each other, the sisters found out that the only way to fight the curse is by a sacrifice. One sister has to die for the  other. One must die so the other may live. Oops sorry, wrong movie.


5. Pocong 2 – (2006)

Origin: Indonesia

Apparently part 1 of this was so disturbing it was banned and was never released. That is basically internet talk for, “find a torrent for this!”. A pocong, according to Indonesian legends, is a soul of the dead trapped in it’s burial sheets. In this movie a pocong haunts two sisters who just moved to their new apartment.


On the next Weird Wednesdays I’ll post more Halloween movies for you to enjoy (?) The weirder the better right?



  1. I liked the weird little musical number by the crazy guy in Hair Extensions. I also really liked The Eye 3/10, though by that point in the series, it’s hard to really call it a horror. More maybe a paranormal comedy in which everyone dies?


    1. You really need to see them. Well not really “need” but they are worth seeing at least once. And this is just part 1 of my Weird Wednesday Halloween playlist! Thanks! Let me know if you enjoyed, or not enjoyed, any of them. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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