Happening At Present – Crying Over William Shatner Tweets

Quick post before I have to return to mundane office work.

I stumbled upon this screen cap of William Shatner’s tweets.



And it almost, instantly, made me cry.

When I was a kid, my first ever “What I want to be when I grow up…” was to be an astronaut. That is all I ever wanted out of my life. I think of nothing else for my future but to be an astronaut. This was in the early 90’s. There was no internet. All I had going for me was my Compton’s encyclopedia and my Guinness Book of Records 1995. I read everything I could about space and becoming an astronaut. I thought Yuri Gagarin was the most bad ass person in all of history. I was in love.

I may have said something about this before. But I stopped wanting to be an astronaut right around the time my brother told me that to be an astronaut, I would have to go to NASA, which we thought at that time was a university you attend to get an astronaut degree (half true).

So I have moved on. Or so I thought because when I see something like this, it breaks my freaking heart in all the good ways. I wanted to be like Kirk. I wanted to navigate space and have Leonard Nimoy as my best mate.

People born in the 2000’s you have chance to be a Captain Kirk. Stop posting your selfies and desires to be the next Kardashian. Actually, being the next Kardashian ain’t that bad. Those girls know how to make money more money. But it’s so much cooler to be Kirk, right?


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