Saturday Night Live S40E01 – Chris Pratt & Ariana Grande


Saturday Night Live is back y’all! And though I know I have no legal rights to say “y’all” I felt compelled to say it because I am so freaking excited! I know that this post is 3 days too late, but I didn’t have time to watch the show right away. Though the season opener left me a little bit underwhelmed, there were still a lot to be excited about.

Darell Hammond, an SNL alum has replaced the voice of Don Pardo. It kind of broke my heart that I won’t get to hear Don Pardo saying, “It’s Satuday Night Live!” but you have to give it to the new opening. It did felt a little bit weird not seeing Nasim and the other former season’s featured players. Mike o’Brien has returned to being a writer and Michael Che and Pete Davidson joins the new cast.


Chris Pratt aka Star Lord, fumbled through his opening monologue which looked adorable and sweet. His wife Anna Farris was there to support and to add a little in the otherwise disastrous monologue.



Chris and Taran play horny toys that came to life

Kyle Mooney plays a lonely kid, celebrating his birthday alone and wished for his He-Man and Lion-O action figure to come to life. Completely unaware of the world around them, He-Man and Lion-O destroyed Kyle’s kitchen to figure things out. Hilarity ensues as the then come to life toys realized how the presence of Kyle’s sister made them “feel good” and that tapping their crotch feels “nice like cake but different”.


You’d totally watch this right?

Of course they’re going to make a sketch about Marvel! SNL digital short of the night was movies that Marvel can make money on after the success of GOTG. Movies include Marvel’s Fancy Ghosts, Marvel’s Star Wars and my personal favorite, Marvel’s Pam.


I have a feeling Weekend Update is going to be my new favorite SNL segment. That is if they use more Leslie Jones and Pete Davidson. Michael Che replaces Cecily as the new co-anchor with head writer Colin Jost. Cecily comes back as The girl you wished you hadn’t started a conversation with. Cecily is of course much better at playing a character (I wish they make more of use of her) but it doesn’t mean she has outshone the newcomer Che. Che fumbles on his first few jokes and looked like he was mentally deciding on whether or not how he should react to Cecily. Leslie Jones is back as a Relationship Expert talking about being single. Arriving beside Colin Jost saying, “Yes! I’m single! Give it up for the loneliness!” New comer Pete Davidson makes his Update debut as The Show’s Resident Young Person who debated on whether he would go down on a guy for cash saying, “I’m not gay. I’m a businessman.” He reminded me of a young Andy Samberg and if he keep playing his SNL spot right he could be the next big thing. Did I mention that Pete is only 20? God freaking damn it!


Look at that cute face!

There are a lot of people that would say SNL’s charm is dwindling down or is no longer watchable. Maybe it’s because people are still attached to old cast members that have now moved on to do bigger things. But with new comers like Michael Che and Pete Davidson, I think SNL season 40 is going to be a comeback that’s everyone being waiting for.



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